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EarthBound 64

Things have never been quite easy for the EarthBound series. Mother 3 in particular went through a very troubled development cycle having been in the works for multiple Nintendo consoles. It was also planned as a 3D title at one point as EarthBound 64 for the N64 before being scrapped. Mother 3 did ultimately release as a 2D game on the Game Boy Advance, but it has never received English localization.

A couple of years ago, we did receive a new look at EarthBound 64 thanks to a video taken at SpaceWorld 1996.
Zen64 has now managed to obtain the Nintendo Company Report 1998 via an auction, which contains more footage from the game. This ties in with SpaceWorld 1997. 

Here’s the video in full:

Nintendo eventually released a third entry in the Mother series, but not as it was initially intended. While Mother 3 came out for the Game Boy Advance in Japan, the original plan was to make a new game for the N64 called EarthBound 64. Development did not go smoothly, especially with the team having to create the title in 3D, and the project was scrapped.

All of these years later, we have a new – albeit brief – look at EarthBound 64 in action. YouTube channel kukun kun uploaded a video from SpaceWorld 1996 that provides a few seconds of footage. Although it may not be much, it gives fans another idea of what could have been.

Here’s a brief look at the clip (should be embedded at the right spot, but starts at 10:32):


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