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F-Zero 99

One of the big announcements from this month’s Nintendo Direct was F-Zero 99. Given how long the franchise has been gone for, it was nice to see it return. First impressions may have you thinking that it’s just like the very original F-Zero, but obviously competing with 98 other people online is a significant hook.

With F-Zero 99 having been out for a bit now, what do you think about the game? How do you feel it stacks up to the other “99” titles on Switch? Let us know in the comments.

F-Zero 99 Mute City II, Port Town I, Red Canyon I, and White Land II

Nintendo has announced that five new courses will be joining F-Zero 99 tomorrow.

Mute City II, Port Town I, Red Canyon I, and White Land II from the Queen League are planned. On top of that, Death Wind II from King League will be added. Queen League will be featured in Grand Prix after tomorrow’s content drops.

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F-Zero 99 will be adding more tracks soon, Nintendo has confirmed – plus dataminers have found unreleased modes.

First up will primarily be Queen League courses within the next week. After that, mid-October will bring along King League tracks.

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F-Zero 99 gameplay

Gameplay is in for F-Zero 99, which was announced and released today. This is a bonus for Nintendo Switch Online members.

Here’s an overview of the title:

F-Zero 99

The lineup of “99” games on Switch continues, with Nintendo just announcing F-Zero 99. It launches later today.

F-Zero 99, which builds on the original title, is a multiplayer racing game in which 99 players vie for first place. Learn more about it in the following overview:

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