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Frog Detective physical

Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery has been revealed for physical release on Switch. This one comes from Fangamer.

Each copy of the game includes the title on a cartridge, a digital download code for a copy of the complete soundtrack, reversible cover art, and business cards from Frog Detective and Lobster Cop. A Deluxe Edition is also planned which adds f four-piece acrylic mini-standee measuring about 2.3 inches tall and 3.45 inches wide when assembled, two kiss-cut sticker sheets, and a set of three postcard-style art cards wishing you the best from Haunted Island, Warlock Woods, and Cowboy County.

Fangamer physical

Today, Fangamer announced that it’s producing a physical version of Citizen Sleeper.

Although only a standard version is planned, it’ll come with several goodies. You’ll get reversible cover art, a set of three sleeper art cards, a double-sided folded poster featuring a map of Erlin’s Eye, and a kiss-cut Neovend sticker sheet.

World of Horror physical

Fangamer will produce a physical version for World of Horror on Switch, the company has announced. This coincides with the upcoming digital launch.

Each copy will contain a copy of the game plus a few goodies. Buyers will get a reversible cover, instruction manual, and Old Gods art card set.

Tunic physical

Tunic previously made it to the Switch eShop, but a physical version is now happening as well with a new Deluxe Edition. Fangamer will be in charge of production.

You’re not just getting the game here, but a number of extra goodies as well. Copies include the full-length staple-bound manual with the full contents of the in-game manual (has spoilers), a mini-manual with basic instructions (no spoilers), a foldout map of some areas and dungeons, sticker sheets with iconography from the game, and a digital download code for a copy of the complete soundtrack by Lifeformed and Janice Kwan.

ooblets physical

Thanks to Fangamer, Ooblets has now been confirmed for physical release on Switch.

Aside from the game on a cartridge, all copies contain a set of three postcard-themed art cards and a foldout map. Those that pre-order will also be provided with a sticker sheet.

Into the Breach physical

Fangamer is preparing a physical version of Into the Breach for Switch, the company has revealed.

The title previously made it to Switch in 2018, though only in digital format. This is the first time it will have any sort of physical version. Each copy comes with a cartridge, game manual, sticker sheets, and folded poster.

Slime Rancher: Plortable Edition physical

Fangamer has revealed that it’s preparing a physical version of Slime Rancher: Plortable Edition for Switch.

Each copy contains a foldable map, souvenir ticket, and vinyl sticker. The package features front and inside cover artwork by Aimee Cairns and vinyl sticker artwork by Carissa Cornelius.

Baba Is You physical

Baba Is You, which previously ended up on Switch as a digital title, is the latest game to be receiving a physical release. This time around, it’s Fangamer that has the exclusive on the boxed version.

All copies of Baba Is You will come with a poster, sticker sheet, and card to download the game’s soundtrack.

Hypnospace Outlaw

Thanks to a new partnership with Fangamer, Hypnospace Outlaw is getting a physical release on Switch. Aside from the game on a cartridge, it will be bundled with a mini CD of never heard before Hypnospace music, a genuine HypnOS headband to wear, and a special edition vinyl.

Pre-orders for Hypnospace Outlaw are open on Fangamer here. Copies have an estimated September 24 shipping date.

Source: No More Robots PR

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