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[Review] Tunic

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Tunic review

System: Switch
Release Date: September 27, 2022
Developer: Tunic Team

The gaming industry has certainly experienced a rise in the popularity of indie games within the last several years. From Shovel Knight to Undertale, Celeste, or Hades, these games have made a huge splash in the scene, and have coincidentally all made their way onto Switch. Indeed, the platform has found itself to be quite the reliable indie game machine, and as such it feels only fitting that Tunic, a little indie marvel that landed on Xbox earlier this year, would find its way here. It certainly feels right at home on the system, and I definitely enjoyed my time with it; the concept of an indie Zelda-like 2D adventure game remains novel and captivating, and I welcome more entries in the genre. Tunic is definitely a solid little title with some neat ideas, but it doesn’t quite break the mold in the way that the indie classics I mentioned earlier might have.

Tunic gameplay

New gameplay has arrived for the Switch version of Tunic. After it was announced in the latest Nintendo Direct, the title launched for the console this week.

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Tunic is making its way to Switch, it’s been revealed. A release is planned for September 27.

Tunic is an isometric action game that originally debuted this year. You’ll play as a fox while battling huge beasts, collecting items, and more.

Below is a proper overview:

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