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Frank and Drake

Frank and Drake release window

It’s been a year since we last heard about Frank and Drake, but we now have a status report on the game. Chorus Worldwide and Appnormals Team now say that the project will be wrapped up in time for February 2023.

Frank and Drake was announced in September 2021 and was planned for this past spring. That didn’t happen, so it’s true that the title is seeing a delay.

Frank and Drake

Publisher Chorus Worldwide and STAY developer Appnormals Team have revealed Frank and Drake, a turn-based narrative experience. The game is on track to launch for Switch in Spring 2022.

Frank and Drake is a new take on the characters of Frankenstein and Dracula. The “intertwining, dual narrative, audiovisual adventure” features a story of two housemates who never meet, but whose lives are linked through the notes they leave each other around their home. The game will alternate between Frank, who’s a a machine-savvy, sickly man in the daylight hours and Drake, a mysterious newcomer to the city at night.

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