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Future Cat

OneShot: World Machine Edition gameplay

Dangen Entertainment published OneShot: World Machine Edition on Switch this week, and those that want a closer look can watch a new round of gameplay. 12 minutes of footage has come in.

Below is an overview of OneShot: World Machine Edition with more information:

OneShot World Machine Edition trailer

Dangen Entertainment and Future Cat have shared a launch trailer for OneShot: World Machine Edition. The title, a puzzle adventure experience, lands on Switch today.

You can learn more about the game in the following interview:

OneShot: World Machine Edition release date

Dangen Entertainment has passed along a final release date for the Switch version of OneShot: World Machine Edition, the puzzle adventure game made by Future Cat. It will be available on September 22, 2022 with pre-orders opening on August 18.

OneShot: World Machine Edition was first announced for Switch at the end of last year. This past May, it was given a summer release window.

OneShot: World Machine Edition

OneShot, which was announced for Switch, now has a new “World Machine Edition” subtitle. Additionally, it’s confirmed for release this summer.

Below is a bit of information about OneShot: World Machine Edition:


Publisher Dangen Entertainment and developer Future Cat today announced that OneShot, a top-down puzzle adventure game, is in development for Switch. The news was shared in celebration of the title’s fifth anniversary having originally debuted on PC.

OneShot stars Niko, a child tasked with returning light to a desolate world that has been shrouded in darkness. The game involves guiding the character through a mysterious world as he looks to restore its long-dead sun. It’s been teased that new, console-specific features are in the works with further details to follow at a later date.

Here’s a rundown of OneShot’s features:

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