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Gensokyo Defenders

Unties has announced that Gensokyo Defenders will soon be updated on Switch with free DLC.

Planned for this month, there will be three each of new stages and traps, as well as new playable characters. Yakumo Yukari (can manipulate boundaries of all kinds) Toyosatomimi no Miko (immortal Buddhist saint), and Byakuren Hijiri (magic-wielding nun) will be added to the game.

The DLC for Gensokyo Defenders will be available starting April 25.

Source: Unties PR

Gensokyo Defenders will be available on the Switch eShop starting tomorrow. Take a look at some footage in the video below.

Thanks to new eShop listings, we now have a release date for Gensokyo Defenders on Switch. Unties will be publishing the game on November 29.

Interestingly, Gensokyo Defenders is confirmed for worldwide release. In addition to Japan, the Australian eShop shows the same release date.

Unties published a new Japanese trailer for the shoot-em-up action and tactical tower defense hybrid game Gensokyo Defenders. Watch it below.