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graphics comparison

Donkey Kong Country Returns HD graphics comparison

Donkey Kong Country Returns HD was just announced for Switch today, and a new video offers a graphics comparison that puts it up against the original Wii version. 3DS is technically included here as well, as that was essentially the Wii version at a lower resolution.

As far as we know, Donkey Kong Country Returns will now run in full HD on Switch, but otherwise it’s largely the same. One bonus is that the new levels made for the 3DS version will be included in the latest version.

Epic Mickey Rebrushed graphics comparison

Epic Mickey Rebrushed, a remake of the series’ first game, was announced today and a new graphics comparison from GameXplain gives us a better idea as to how it’s shaping up.

The footage used is here is only based on the opening intro instead of gameplay. However, that alone is enough to show what’s been updated. Mickey’s look is slightly adjusted, along with textures, colors, and more. Of course, the Switch version will be higher resolution as well. Also, while we don’t have the full details just yet, we know that there’ll be gameplay improvements.

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