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Epic Mickey

Epic Mickey: Rebrushed footage

Epic Mickey: Rebrushed was announced for Switch during a Nintendo Direct a couple of months ago, but we didn’t see a whole lot from the remake. That’s new changed with some new footage which just came in.

GameSpot posted the video, which contains eight minutes of gameplay. One of the early sections is shown here, including some 2D platforming.

Epic Mickey 3 Warren Spector

Epic Mickey director Warren Spector says he would love to develop Epic Mickey 3. However, don’t expect it anytime soon.

Spector was asked about the possibility on LinkedIn. Despite having a “high level idea” in mind for a new game, he’s currently busy at his current studio OtherSide and projects going on there. Spector noted: “I’d love to do Epic Mickey 3 but I have a day job that would make that impossible.”

Epic Mickey Rebrushed new skills

Further details about Epic Mickey: Rebrushed have emerged, including that the game will offer improved controls and new movement skills.

New skills were technically first confirmed by Nintendo yesterday, but now we have a few more details. The dash, ground pound, and sprinting are all now in. We’ve also learned that Purple Lamp, the studio behind the recent SpongeBob games, is handling the remake.

Here’s the full overview:

Epic Mickey Rebrushed graphics comparison

Epic Mickey Rebrushed, a remake of the series’ first game, was announced today and a new graphics comparison from GameXplain gives us a better idea as to how it’s shaping up.

The footage used is here is only based on the opening intro instead of gameplay. However, that alone is enough to show what’s been updated. Mickey’s look is slightly adjusted, along with textures, colors, and more. Of course, the Switch version will be higher resolution as well. Also, while we don’t have the full details just yet, we know that there’ll be gameplay improvements.

Disney Epic Mickey Rebrushed

Disney Epic Mickey Rebrushed has just been announced for Switch as part of today’s Nintendo Direct. The game launches later in 2024.

Originally released on Wii, the Rebrushed remake features updated graphics and other improvements. It’s also been said that “Mickey Mouse’s abilities have been improved with a whole new set of skills and more.”

Epic Mickey director Warren Spector

Warren Spector acted as director on Epic Mickey – as well as its sequel. As a huge Disney fan, it was a big passion project for him.

Spector reflected on Epic Mickey and its initial reception while speaking with Venturebeat. As someone who worked on immersive sims before like Deus Ex, this was a big change in terms of what fans came to know him for. Specter said “gamers didn’t get it”, but he’s still “proud of Epic Mickey”.

Epic Mickey

Epic Mickey has turned into a cult classic of sorts after its initial debut on Wii a decade ago. Now we have some unused material from the game, as Jim Dooley uploaded an unused music track online. You can listen to the tune below, which is titled “Outro Black Pete”.

Epic Mickey originally came to Wii in November 2010. A sequel followed two years later, which also landed on Wii U.

Developer Warren Spector was brought on for the latest episode of IGN Unfiltered. Spector was instrumental in the creation of both Epic Mickey games. You can listen to what he shared about the series below, and why working on the franchise was one of the high points of his career.

Nintendo World Report was able to hold a discussion with Warren Spector. Spector discussed Nintendo bringing games to mobile, Epic Mickey, his love for DuckTales, and more. You can view the full interview below.


Epic Mickey director Warren Spector held a Reddit AMA a few days back. Spector shared plenty of insight about the original game and its sequel, and tackled some very interesting questions. He was asked about topics like Epic Mickey’s dark concept art that never seemed to be realized, how he tried pitching a film based on the series to Disney, and the one thing about Mickey he couldn’t show.

You can find a full roundup of Spector’s comments below. They’re certainly worth checking out!

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