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Donkey Kong Country Returns

Donkey Kong Country Returns developer

If you’ve been wondering who the developer is behind Donkey Kong Country Returns HD, we now have that answer. It turns out Forever Entertainment is working on the port. That news comes from an official notice posted following the announcement.

This is the first time Nintendo and Forever Entertainment are working so closely together on a re-release. In 2021, Forever announced that it was receiving “significant financial backing” from the company. Read more about that here.

Donkey Kong Country Returns HD graphics comparison

Donkey Kong Country Returns HD was just announced for Switch today, and a new video offers a graphics comparison that puts it up against the original Wii version. 3DS is technically included here as well, as that was essentially the Wii version at a lower resolution.

As far as we know, Donkey Kong Country Returns will now run in full HD on Switch, but otherwise it’s largely the same. One bonus is that the new levels made for the 3DS version will be included in the latest version.

Donkey Kong Country Returns HD

Nintendo has sent out the official boxart for the newly-announced Donkey Kong Country Returns HD. Additionally, we have some screenshots as well.

Here’s an overview of the game:

Donkey Kong Country Returns HD

Donkey Kong Country Returns HD is heading to Switch, Nintendo just revealed. It releases on January 16, 2025.

Donkey Kong Country Returns originally released on Wii, and later 3DS. Speaking of 3DS, new levels from that version will be included.

Find more details in the following overview:

In an interview with Kiki Talkz, former Retro Studios developer Bryan Walker discussed how the team ended up working on Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Walker worked on Metroid Prime 2 and 3 before directing the Wii title. Retro actually had some interest in moving on from the Prime series after the second entry, but after Donkey Kong was presented to late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, he instead wanted the team to come out with a third game. Then after Metroid Prime 3 launched and there was a lot of some key staff, the opportunity to work on the Donkey Kong Country IP came about.

Walker also talked about meeting with Shigeru Miyamoto early on and had much praise for him. After one conversation in Kyoto, Miyamoto asked Retro to take care of IP, stating: “Please take care of DK. He is my friend.”

Below is Walker’s full words:

This week, the lineup of Wii games from Nintendo on China’s NVIDIA Shield expanded once again. Donkey Kong Country Returns, which was previously confirmed for the device, is now available.

Here’s some footage:

Donkey Kong Country Returns takes up 3.9GB on NVIDIA Shield.


A few Wii games from Nintendo have been released on the NVIDIA Shield in China. System owners can purchase and play New Super Mario Bros. Wii, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Punch-Out!!, and Super Mario Galaxy.

Next up in the pipeline is Donkey Kong Country Returns. That game recently received approval from China’s gaming regulator to launch in the country. While we don’t have an official release date yet, we should be hearing more soon.


Donkey Kong Country Returns has been out on the European and Japanese Wii U eShops since last January. Finally, the Wii game will launch in North America this week as well. Nintendo’s website has it listed for tomorrow.

Here’s a brief overview:

“Donkey Kong Island has been taken over by the musical Tiki Tak Tribe! Jump, swing, and blast your way through over 65 levels spanning eight worlds. There are many hidden items to uncover in each level, and collecting them all will unlock something special! Invite a friend to take control of Diddy Kong for two-player cooperative play!”

And a trailer:

Donkey Kong Country Returns will cost $19.99 on the Wii U eShop.


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