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Gust Corporation

Gust Corporation has sent out new details about Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of Arland, and Siliconera has provided a translation. We’ve rounded up the information below.

– Battles begin with symbol encounters
– Touch a monster to seamlessly enter a grid-based battlefield
– Press “Y” for a pre-emptive attack
– The bottom screen has commands
– These include Attack, Item, Skill, Special Attack, Defend, and Escape
– While fighting, the grid makes it easier to gauge movement with lines showing wherever you move
– Assist system will have allies help Rorona out in combat
– Each time you do an action, the Assist Meter will go up, and it can then be used to help add attacks to Rorona’s attacks
– “Item” selection is exclusive to alchemists
– They range from attacks to heals, and have all kinds of different effects that can help you out in combat
– The grids also makes it easier to see the areas items cover
– “Auto-Battle” feature included
– This lets you select a monster, and all the characters will automatically move and attack whichever one you select
– Attacking a monster from behind will do more damage to the foe
– Monsters can also get you with back attacks
– Use powerful skills with some MP
– Effects vary from healing allies, to blinding or sleeping enemies
– Skills depend on the character and their skill
– Once you reach a certain level with your characters, they learn special attacks
– Use attacks and skills to raise the special attack meter
– Attack meter is then used to do an extra dose of damage against enemies


Gust Corporation issued official screenshots, art, and details for Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of Arland today. You’ll find all of the latest content collected below.

– Gust calls it a game of “enhanced charm”
– Revamped battle system suited for the 3DS’ stereoscopic 3D
– Look down on a grid-based field
– Can freely move characters before using actions
– Actions include attack, defend, items, skills
– Each action has their own range of effect on the grid
– Overtime Mode: After the story ends, Totori and Meruru come from the future and the three protagonists of the Arland trilogy are united in efforts to return them to their original worlds
– Totori and Meruru are playable in battle at this time and will also be chibi-fied
– Esty Dee: Esty, who was a recurring support character in the Arland trilogy, will be playable in addition to Totori and Meruru
– Although receptionist for the castle, Esty is said to exhibit great power in battle
– A number of carefully selected costumes suited to its chibi characters will be available
– The additional maps and bosses from the original Atelier Rorona Plus will also appear in the 3DS game
– Kitchen Garden and Atelier Redecorating: the kitchen garden and ability to redecorate Rorona’s atelier will also be available
– Can change the game’s difficulty
– Premium Box has a five-piece character metal charm set, cleaner cloth pouch, and mini-tapestry
– First-print copies of the game include an original 3DS theme


A few more Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of Arland details have been translated from this week’s issue of Famitsu. Find them rounded up below.

– Battle system starts out with a symbol encounter system that seamlessly transfers into a grid-based battle area after touching a monster
– Unlock an “Atelier Astrid” mode after meeting certain conditions
– This will let players see how Astrid and Sterk lived back earlier on
– More to the mode than you would expect
– More to do once you’ve finished the story
– Meruru and Totori will swing by for a visit
– The three alchemists will have a journey to share
– One part of the story will reveal the events that led to Astrid taking Rorona on as her pupil
– Can change the difficulty
– 11 party member characters