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Kill la Kill the Game: IF

Two new character trailers are in for Kill la Kill: IF. Find videos focusing on Uzu Sanageyama and Ira Gamagori below.

Two new character trailers are in for Kill la Kill: IF. Find videos focusing on Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuin below.

Amazon UK has opened pre-orders for the Kill la Kill: IF Collector’s Edition. If interested, you can reserve it here.

Arc System Works has been a bit quiet regarding if and how it will distribute the collector’s edition in North America. However, you should be able to place an order on Amazon UK even if you’re from the US despite what the listing says. We were able to add it to our cart and place an order successfully.

The Kill la Kill: IF Collector’s Edition includes the game, an original art book, soundtrack with 21 songs, and Mak-Roquette Squeezie ball-chain.

Arc System Works has updated the official website for Kill la Kill the Game: IF to display the performance differences between the various versions of the title.

Obviously, Switch is listed among the platforms alongside PlayStation 4 and Steam. Those interested can check out the information below.

Following up on IGN footage of the first story mission in Kill la Kill: IF that was posted a few days ago, Arc System Works has published Japanese footage of the intro as well.

Those interested can view the 14+ minutes of footage below.

Kill la Kill: IF was on display at Sakura Fight Festa 2019, and a ton of footage from the fighter was shown. Have a look at all of the gameplay below.

Arc System Works has revealed an extra scenario that will be included in Kill la Kill: IF. Once players complete Satsuki Kiryuin’s story mode, they’ll unlock another adventure featuring Ryuko Matoi as the main characters.

Below are the full details straight from Arc System Works:

Thanks to IGN, we have a look at new story mission gameplay in Kill la Kill: IF. Check out the footage in the video below.

PQube has announced that a limited edition for Kill la Kill: IF will be sold in Europe. Copies include the game, Mr. Sushio’s main artwork, original art book, original soundtrack, and a “Mak-Roquette Squeezie”.

Only 1,500 units of the limited edition will be produced in Europe, with selected retailers in the UK, France, Spain, Switzerland, and more! Specific retailers will be made known later.

Kill la Kill: IF launches July 26.

Source: PQube PR

Arc System Works has published a new look at Satsuki Kiryuin’s new Junketsu Shinzui in Kill la Kill the Game: IF.

The previously confirmed costume is the final form of Satsuki’s Kamui Junketsu. More details, plus the screens, can be viewed below.

The final form of the Kamui Junketsu, and also the opposing form against Ryuko Matoi’s “Senketsu Kisaragi”, which Ryuko wore in the final episode of the original anime series. What potential lies hidden in this costume’s power? How will Satsuki fight in this costume!?