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Tomorrow, the arcade shooter Hell is Other Demons is heading to the Switch eShop. Take a look at some footage in the video below.

Hell is Other Demons has received a release date on Switch. The lightning-fast bullet hell platformer will launch on April 18, an eShop listing confirms.

We have the following overview and trailer for the game:

Twirlbound and Kongregate have announced Pine for Switch. The open-world action-adventure launches in August.

Here’s an overview, along with a trailer:

Kartridge, the new PC gaming platform from game publisher and developer Kongregate, has partnered with Cuddle Monster Games on Hell is Other Demons. The lightning-fast bullet hell platformer is coming to Switch later this year.

Here’s an overview for Hell is Other Demons, along with a trailer:

Speed Brawl, which had previously been announced for a summer release, is coming much sooner than you might think. Kongregate announced that the 2D combat-racer is actually due out today. It’ll be distributed via the eShop.

Here’s some information about Speed Brawl, along with a trailer:

Kongregate issued a new gameplay trailer for the stylish, anime-inspired 2D combat-racer Speed Brawl. Check it out below.

GRIDD: Retroenhanced is coming to Switch, and it’ll be just a few days until we’ll be seeing it. A listing on the North American eShop shows a release date of June 7.

GRIDD: Retroenhanced is described as “an intense arcade-style cyberpunk hacking shoot ’em up with an incredible soundtrack, procedurally generated elements, and electric visuals.” Antab Studio developed the game, though Kongregate will be publishing.

Kongregate today announced a partnership with Double Stallion on the anime-inspired 2D combat-racer Speed Brawl. The game is launching on Switch this summer.

Speed Brawl “throws players into a balletic symphony of lightning-quick combat through the dank locales of a dystopian London in an all-out bloodsport.” Kongregate says the game “captures the humor and over-the-top action from over three decades of cult classic cinema.”

We have more information about Speed Brawl below, along with a teaser.

Update: Bumped to the top. The Trail: Frontier Challenge will launch in the Americas on March 8.

Original: Last year, The Trail: Frontier Challenge from Kongregate and 22cans released on Steam. Much like with Outlast yesterday, out of nowhere, the exploration-driven simulation game has now unexpectedly landed on Switch. This case is even stranger as we previously had no idea that The Trail would be making its way to Nintendo’s console.

The Trail: Frontier Challenge is a reworked version of 22cans’ mobile title that first appeared a couple of years ago. Peter Molyneux, the creator of Fable, Populous, Black & White, and other games, founded 22cans in 2012.