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Mario Party 10

Mario Party fans will want to check out the above video! Nintendo showed a few things not included in the regular E3 demo.

Bowser’s Fire Bar Fury

– Set in a square arena in a deadly lava pit
– Use the GamePad gyroscopic abilities to tilt the controller to move two fire bars
– One goes up and down, the other left and right
– Defending characters need to run and jump to avoid the fire bars as the clock counts down

Bowser’s Bad Breath

– Hold the GamePad and tilt left/right to aim a giant Bowser at the other players
– Do so while also pressing A to shoot fireballs
– Defending players can only run around the square arena to avoid the deadly projectiles
– Bowser moves slowly during the game to give them a fighting chance

Bowser’s Painball Pit

– Set in a pinball machine controlled by Browser
– The space is empty except for a large, heavy disc that can either impede the spiked balls Bowser flicks through the machine or trap the other characters
– If a spike ball falls through the bottom of the machine, a new one quickly replaces it to keep two present at all times

Bowser’s Wicked Wheel

– Set in a hamster wheel
– 2 electrified rods on either side
– Shake the Wiimote quickly as it spins to run away from the elctric rod
– The Bowser player swipes on the screen to make the wheel spin as fast as they’d like
– Swipe backwards to stop the wheel
– This causes players to run into the electric rod in front if they don’t stop fast enough


Mario Party 10 details

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– Bowser Party mode lets one player to endlessly troll their friends as Bowser using the Wii U’s GamePad controller
– Polygon played a few mini-games as Bowser
– Up to four other players can participate in these minigames using Wii Remotes or Wii U Pro Controllers
– Mini-games are like the one-versus-three challenges featured in previous Mario Party tittles
– In this game, Bowser lorded over the other players and attempted to harm them
– Use the GamePad’s gyroscope functionality to tilt and rotate the controller to achieve your goals
– First mini-game placed four players in a fenced-in stone square with two lines of fireballs criss-crossing through it
– As Bowser, tilt the GamePad in any direction to move the two lines of fireballs front to back and side to side in an attempt to trap players in the fire
– Each player starts out with 5 lives
– Bowser’s goal is to knock out all 20 lives
– Second game has you holding the GamePad up vertically and moving it from side to side
– On the TV, the four players are trapped in a square with five lives to knock out
– Move the GamePad and press A to breathe fire, blowing steam until they are defeated
– Start out the game by selecting classical Mario Party mode or Bowser Mode
– Once in Bowser Mode, every minigame is run by the player who chooses to be Bowser


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