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Mario Strikers Charged

Another downloadable Wii game is arriving on the North American Wii U eShop this week. Having launched in Europe earlier in the year, Mario Strikers Charged will now release in the states tomorrow.

Here’s an overview:

“Battle on 17 interactive stadiums using MegaStrikes, Super Abilities, and Skillshots to devastate the competition. Charge the ball to increase your chances of scoring, and use the Wii Remote™ to flatten foes and defend your goal. Wreck havoc on the field solo or with four players locally!”

Mario Strikers Charged will cost $19.99.


Mario Strikers Charged came out on the European Wii U eShop earlier today as the latest Wii download. View some footage below.

Unseen64 has collected a bunch of concept art from Mario Strikers Charged as well as information about scrapped concepts.

Here’s a summary of some of the more interesting points:

– “Ball launchers” were considered at one point as an aesthetic addition to levels
– These were machines that would have propelled multiple balls up towards characters during mega strikes
– The iconic metal football featured in the game went through 12 reiterations and became simpler over time
– Characters in armor was decided on partway through early beta development following experimentation by concept artists
– Before this, character models were drawn much in the style of Super Mario Strikers (fairly standard football kits)
– At one point, the artists toyed around with the level of armour each character would have equipped and other details
– It is possible that that the game had some alterations made to its initial stage selection
– Concept art includes an unnamed stadium set inside a futuristic city; scrapped for unknown reasons
– Next Level Games discarded the concept of playing field set on top of an enormous aircraft
– Some minor adjustments were made to the final stadiums over their first visualizations

You can find a bunch of concept art from Mario Strikers Charged above, and lots more information here.

New concept has appeared online showing scrapped concepts of Toads in mechs from Mario Strikers Charged.

Supposedly, Next Level Games planned on having them act as security, referees, and substitutes for ball boys around the perimeter of each pitch during gameplay. The idea was dropped due to perceived tech limitations with the Wii hardware.

Another interesting tidbit: Mario Strikers Charged was originally going to be called Super Mario Strikers 2. You can find the original logo – as well as concept art of the scrapped Toad mechs – in the gallery below.


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