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Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons

Mojang has put up a video showing extended gameplay from its action title Minecraft Dungeons. Take a look at the footage below.

A new Minecraft Dungeons dev diary has come online titled “Meet The Team”. Below, fans can learn about some of the staffers involved with the project, who discuss what it’s like working on a new Minecraft game and more.

GameSpot has shared a new look at Minecraft Dungeons with 12 minutes of footage. Take a look at the gameplay in the video below.

Minecraft Dungeons

An updated release window has been announced for Minecraft Dungeons. The action-adventure title is slated for April 2020, whereas it was previously on track for a general Spring 2020 launch.

Here’s a brief teaser:

Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons is hitting Switch and other platforms next year. As it turns out there, the game got its start on a different Nintendo platform.

Jens Bergensten, chief creative officer at Mojang, revealed in a recent behind-the-scenes video for the game: “it all started when we were trying to figure out a cool Minecraft-style game for the Nintendo 3DS.” “We toyed with a bunch of different ideas, but finally making a dungeon crawler was something that really struck a chord with us,” he said.

Minecraft Dungeons will retain its action-adventure roots when it comes to Switch in 2020. However, it’ll be a much different – and bigger – title compared to those early 3DS days.


Mojang has issued a new video for Minecraft Dungeons that explains a few key questions. The team discusses why the action-adventure game exists, who exactly is making it, and more. Watch the full video below.

At Gamescom 2019 last week, Minecraft Dungeons was one of many titles playable at Nintendo’s booth. View some off-screen footage specifically from the Switch version below.

Minecraft Dungeons is one of the many titles on display at Gamescom 2019 this week. Take a look at some footage below.

IGN got a chance to sit down and talk about Minecraft Dungeons gameplay with a couple members of the game’s development team.

Those interested can check out their E3 segment below.

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