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Momonga Pinball Adventures

Momonga Pinball Adventures

Starting tomorrow, Momonga Pinball Adventures will be available on the Switch eShop. Take a look at some footage below.

Momonga Pinball Adventures

Momonga Pinball Adventures is the latest instance of a Wii U game moving over to Switch. According to the North American eShop, it’s slated for October 18.

Here’s an overview and trailer for the pinball game:

Momonga Pinball Adventures is out today on the North American and European Wii U eShops. Additional footage from the game can be found below.

Next week, Momonga Pinball Adventures will be arriving on the Wii U eShop in both North America and Europe. Check out 15 minutes of footage from the game below.

Momonga Pinball Adventures, which was previously confirmed for release in Europe next week, is also launching on the same day in North America. Paladin Studios will be bringing out the title on October 15 for $5.99 / €5.99. We also have Momonga Pinball Adventures’s file size, which you can see above.

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Paladin Studios published a new trailer for Momonga Pinball Adventures. You can take a look at the video below.

Paladin Studios is bringing Momonga Pinball Adventures to the Wii U eShop next month – at least in Europe. A listing on the digital store indicates that the title will release on October 15. Pricing is set at €5.99.


Nintendo World Report has posted fresh details about Momonga Pinball Adventures. You’ll find a summary of the article’s tidbits below.

– Story is about a small momonga (sort of squirrel) who has quite a task ahead of him
– An evil gang of owls appeared in the momonga village and started to raid every inch of it
– All animals have been taken
– Momo was saved by a panda who took him under his wing
– Momo is taught the basic principles and the panda helps him to start the long road ahead
– Various pinball stages
– Scoring points is an aspect of the game
– Your main objective to reach the top of a stage
– Enemies and obstacles will be in your way
– Life meter
– Taking too many hits forces you to start the stage over
– Plenty of collectibles to improve your final score
– Mixture between pinball and platformer games
– In some levels, you need to use Panda the panda to break the harder blocks in the environment
– Fry the firefly will also help you
– Fry can distract the evil owl troops
– This gives you the chance to defeat the harsher enemies and get ultimately closer to completing a level
-Bonus stages and bosses
– Ex: play a crazy version of pachinko and try to get the best score possible
– At another early point, you are flying to new areas with the squirrel
– You really have to time your gliding and get stars to net yourself some proper points
– Bosses require to really hit at the accurate points and they are stage gimmicks in place to make avoiding attacks possible
– Timing is the key to get anything done
– Use the ZL and ZR buttons

We also have some footage of Momonga Pinball Adventures here:


Update: Welp, this is what happens when your brain melts. We reported on this in 2013, but now a confirmation that it’s arriving soon. Keep your eyes peeled for further updates!

Momonga Pinball Adventures is planned for the Wii U eShop, Paladin Studios has confirmed to Nintendo Everything.

Originally, Momonga Pinball Adventures launched for mobile platforms in 2013. Here’s the official overview:

Instead of regular pinball, Momonga has levels, enemies, and bossfights. The hero is Momo, a young momonga who barely survived an owl attack on his village. He joins forces with a friendly panda and an ambitious firefly, who help him to win back his tribe. Are you able to stop the owl general Kuton and restore balance to the world? It’s time to roll.

Paladin Studios is keeping quiet on Wii U-specific details at the moment, including a release date. However, we’re told that it’s “coming soon.” The game will be on display at Gamescom, so it should definitely hit the eShop at some point this year.

You can get a look at Momonga Pinball Adventures in the video below.

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