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Monster Train

Monster Train: First Class physical

Limited Run Games has revealed yet another Switch physical release, this time for Monster Train: First Class.

The boxed title will be provided as part of the company’s distribution line. Only a standard version is planned.

Monster Train

This week, the popular strategic roguelike deck building game Monster Train First Class landed on Switch. View some footage in the video below.

Monster Train First Class can be purchased for Switch digitally as an eShop download. We have more information and a trailer here.

Monster Train

Today, Good Shepherd Entertainment and Shiny Shoe have revealed that the popular roguelike deck-building card battler Monster Train is on the way to Switch. The game already has a confirmed release date of August 19.

Monster Train will include the full base game, “The Last Divinity” DLC, and bonus cards, unit, and gameplay features added in multiple free updates since the original release. Cross-play between Switch, Xbox, and PC is also supported.

Here’s more on Monster Train, including a trailer:

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