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Once again, it seems we have confirmation of a game coming to Nintendo Switch through it receiving an age rating. This time, the ESRB has rated John Wick Hex for Nintendo Switch. This is an action strategy game set in the John Wick universe, which was originally released for PC in October of last year. As always, this isn’t an official announcement just yet, but it’s extremely likely that the game will be released on the Switch. It received an “M” rating from the ESRB for “Blood, Strong Language & Violence”; here’s their overview of the game:

This is a tactical action game in which players assume the role of John Wick on a quest to rescue characters from an enemy. From a top-down perspective, players infiltrate night clubs and criminal strongholds using a tactical grid system to move through the environment. As players encounter enemy thugs, they use a menu system to perform tactical actions (e.g., strike, takedown, parry, shot). Shooting enemies can result in cries of pain and brief splashes of blood; some still-images depict enemies laying in pools of blood. The word “f**k” is heard in the game.

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Publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment and developer SuperScarySnakes today announced that Black Future ’88, a “2D synth-punk roguelike action shooter that is constantly evolving to try to kill you,” is launching digitally for Switch on November 21. There are also plans for a “special physical release” in 2020.

Here’s an overview of Black Future ’88, along with a trailer:

Black Future ’88 is on display at GDC 2019 this week, and GameSpot has a look at the latest playable build. View some footage below.

Good Shepherd Entertainment and developer SuperScarySnakes have announced Black Future ’88 for Switch. The 2D synth-punk roguelike action shooter is due out later this year.

We have the following overview and trailer for the game:

Following yesterday’s news that the OlliOlli games are Switch-bound, a trailer has come in for OlliOlli Switch Stance. Watch it below.

OlliOlli Switch Stance launches February 14.

Semblance, one of the latest Switch games, can be downloaded now from the eShop. Watch the official launch trailer below.

As we found out earlier today, Semblance is launching on July 24. We have a new trailer promoting that date below.

Semblance has secured a release date on Switch. The puzzle platformer will launch on July 24, Nyamakop has announced.

For those who missed the news originally, we have the following overview and trailer for Semblance:

Footage has come in for the new Switch eShop release Milanoir. Get a look at 40 minutes of gameplay below.

Good Shepherd Entertainment and Italo Game have prepared a new cinematic launch trailer for Milanoir promoting today’s release. We have it below.