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Neko Entertainment

A few more minutes of footage has arrived for Neko Entertainment’s Replay: VHS is not Dead. Check out the latest gameplay below.

Replay: VHS is not Dead will be added to the Wii U eShop in just a few days. Check out some footage of the game below.

Replay: VHS is not Dead, published by Neko Entertainment, now has a release date in Europe. The game will be available on February 25. Pricing is set at €9.99.

Originally, Replay: VHS is not Dead debuted on platforms like PC last summer. It’s a puzzle-platformer which takes place in a movie-based universe.

Here’s a trailer:


Replay: VHS is not Dead is planned for release on Wii U, a listing on the USK confirms.

The game debuted earlier this year on a few platforms, including Steam. It’s a puzzle-platformer title which takes place in a movie-based universe. Players can record their characters’ movements and use remote control powers to combine actions through roughly 70 levels.

Continue on below for a story overview as well as a trailer.

It is an ordinary Saturday evening for Harvey Hachess as he leaves his favorite video club for a movie night. On his way back, he gets caught in the middle of a rain and a threatening storm. Suddenly, he’s hit by a lightning strike! Knocked out for few minutes, he goes on as if nothing had happened.

Once home, Harvey gets comfortable and plays a video tape, a bag of popcorn in one hand and the remote control in the other one. But something seems wrong as he realize that some scenes are missing from the movie! He puts in another tape, same result… He, then, checks all his cassettes one by one but stays out of luck.

As the last tape was ejected, the VCR made a strange sound and the screen lightened up. Harvey founds himself sucked into the TV. He finds there a great opportunity to re-record all the tapes without risking the loss of his Video Club membership.


We recently spoke with Neko Entertainment, and received confirmation that the company is planning a new game for the Wii U eShop.

Just a couple of details have been shared about the untitled project thus far. We know from Neko’s Benjamin Cestac that it’s a puzzle game “to play with your friends on a couch” and it’s being made by another studio (so Neko will handle publishing).

That’s sadly all that we know at the moment. Once we receive additional information, we’ll be sure to bring that to you.

Tetrobot and Co. isn’t just launching in Europe next week. On Twitter, publisher Neko Entertainment announced that the game will arrive in North America at the same time. It’s slated for October 30 in both territories.


Neko Entertainment is bringing Tetrobot and Co. to Europe in a couple of weeks. The eShop is currently listing an October 30 release date, which we assume is accurate. Here’s hoping North America receives Tetrobot and Co. at around the same time!


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