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Benjamin Cestac

We recently spoke with Neko Entertainment, and received confirmation that the company is planning a new game for the Wii U eShop.

Just a couple of details have been shared about the untitled project thus far. We know from Neko’s Benjamin Cestac that it’s a puzzle game “to play with your friends on a couch” and it’s being made by another studio (so Neko will handle publishing).

That’s sadly all that we know at the moment. Once we receive additional information, we’ll be sure to bring that to you.

We’ve brought in three more developers for the next entry in our new feature series, “Developer Musings”. This week, we have a few words from Gaijin Games, Neko Entertainment, and Goodbye Galaxy Games as they touch on how they deal with feedback from critics and players alike. Head past the break for their comments.

Unsure as to what Developer Musings is about? Check out our first entry here for an explanation.

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