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Nippon Columbia

Nippon Columbia has announced “The Apprentice Witch and Fluffy Friends”, a “comical cute fantasy RPG” for 3DS. Nippon Columbia is publishing the game in Japan on April 23 for 4,800 yen.

The Apprentice Witch and Fluffy Friends is set in the world of Yumetopia where humans and creatures with mysterious powers coexist. Those creatures are Muppets, and the game tells a comical story of a young girl who aims to be the Muppet master by commanding Muppets. The player takes control of “the witch apprentice” – a young girl called Moko.

Moko’s classmates (other witch apprentices) also make an appearance. Although they compete with each other, they also offer support in a pinch. They provide important information, too.

Muppets can be found in dungeons and can later be raised. Battles are up to 3 versus 3. There are 120 types of Muppets, so collecting is one point of the game.

View some screenshots and art from The Apprentice Witch and Fluffy Friends below.