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The Journey Down Trilogy physical

The Journey Down Trilogy arrived on Switch a number of years ago, but the game never saw a physical release. That’s about to change as Strictly Limited Games is teaming up with BlitWorks and Skygoblin on a couple of boxed versions.

Fans can choose between a limited edition and special limited edition. The limited edition, which will have 2,000 copies made on Switch, includes the game and a colorful game manual. There’ll be 999 copies of the special limited edition and it contains a copy of the game, special box, manual, wooden pearl necklace featuring Bwana’s mask, art and riddle booklet, The Great Asili Tree Map, 3-disc soundtrack, and fish-curry recipe card.

With its release on Switch eShop today, gameplay footage has emerged for Train Valley: Console Edition. A little over 17 minutes of the simulation title are available.

For more information on Train Valley: Console Edition and the gameplay footage, see below:

Train Valley Console Edition

BlitWorks Games revealed today that it’s working with Flazm Interactive Entertainment to bring Train Valley: Console Edition to Switch. It’ll be out on July 27, 2022.

Train Valley: Console Edition is said to be “the ultimate version of the first installment of the praised train traffic management series that has been receiving fantastic user reviews on Steam, as it has been constant updates and improvements since it first launched on PC.” In the game, players can experience campaigns in the Americas, Europe, Japan, and the USSR. The German DLC is also included, which starts with World War I and goes to the Fall of the Berlin Wall and the modern Frankfurt Airport.

Here’s a rundown of different features:

Fight'N Rage update 1.0.6

A new update has gone live for Fight’N Rage, bringing the game to version 1.0.6. Players can now view game statistics, access a secret mode, and see new costumes for enemies. Small performance improvements have also been implemented.

Below are the full patch notes for the Fight’N Rage version 1.0.6 update, courtesy of sebagamesdev:

Epics of Hammerwatch: Heroes' Edition

Switch is getting a new physical release in the form of Epics of Hammerwatch: Heroes’ Edition. Along with the hack and slash title Hammerwatch, its popular rogue-lite sequel Heroes of Hammerwatch – Ultimate Edition is also included.

Strictly Limited Games is behind the release having teamed up with Crackshell. The company is planning a standard version plus a Special Limited Edition. The latter includes a special box, manual, original soundtrack, double-sided poster, seven character die cut stickers, game logo patch, four background art post cards, and a character group shot magnet. 

Vagante gameplay

Following its release on Switch this week, we’ve got gameplay for Vagante. 22 minutes of footage shows off the action platformer that features permanent death and procedurally generated levels.

Learn more about Vagante with the following overview:


BlitWorks has announced that it’s working together with developer Nuke Nine on console ports of Vagante. As part of that, it’s been confirmed that the roguelite platformer will be hitting Switch on January 27.

If you’re interested in learning more about the game, read the following overview:

The third-person multiplayer shooter Afterpulse arrives on the Switch eShop tomorrow. Have a look at some footage in the video below.

Afterpulse will be sold digitally for Switch via the eShop. Learn more about the game here.


Today, Digital Legends and BlitWorks announced that they’re soon bringing Afterpulse to Switch. The multiplayer third-person shooter will be out on March 30.

Here’s an overview of Afterpulse, along with a trailer:

Fight'N Rage

The old-school side-scroller beat’em up game Fight’N Rage, which was previously offered on Switch as an eShop title, is now getting a physical release. Limited Run Games announced plans to produce the boxed version today.

It looks like it’ll be a standard release with no limited edition. However, all copies will include the original soundtrack with digital music transcription books and three sticker sheets.

Pre-orders open on January 1, 2021. Limited Run Games will be taking pre-orders through its website.


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