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OU update Zarry's Story

A new update released today for OU which adds the brand new Zarry’s Story.

The story naturally stars Zarry and it can be accessed once players beat the main experience. Note that this update also includes an encyclopedia of sorts and new language support.

Here’s the full rundown:

OU release date

A couple of years after it was confirmed for Switch, OU now has a release date. Today, G-Mode and Room6 announced that it will be available on August 31, 2023.

OU was previously revealed for Switch in June 2021. It was originally planned for release that year, but a significant amount of extra development time was needed.

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OU has been delayed once again, and the game is now targeting release in Summer 2023. In a statement on Twitter, it was stated that the extra time will be used to improve quality.

OU was originally announced in 2021 and was was slated for later in the year. Eventually, it was delayed to 2022. It was then planned for this past spring.

Here’s an overview of the game:

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OU Spring 2023

OU will not be launching this year as previously planned, as G-Mode along with room6 have announced that it has been delayed to Spring 2023.

The project was first announced in 2021 and was on track to release that year. However, a few months later, it was delayed to 2022. Today marks the second delay for the game.

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OU delayed

Following its announcement this past summer, G-Mode and room6 have delayed OU to 2022. It was originally planned for this year.

OU will be appearing on Switch and other platforms upon release. A more specific date has not been shared at this time.

Learn more about OU with the following overview:

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G-Mode and Room6 have announced OU, a new side-scrolling adventure game. It’ll be released on Switch later in 2021.

Below are the first details and debut trailer:

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