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Following yesterday’s announcement for Japan, XSEED Games and Marvelous announced today that BurgerTime Party! will be available in North America and Europe starting October 8.

Here’s an overview of BurgerTime Party!, along with a trailer:

BurgerTime Party! will launch for Switch in Japan on October 8, a Japanese eShop listing reveals. This may end up being the same overseas, but XSEED and Marvelous haven’t confirmed the western release date just yet.

We have the following overview and trailer for BurgerTime Party!:

XSEED Games has issued a new E3 2019 trailer for BurgerTime Party! Have a look at the video below.

XSEED is bringing BurgerTime Party! to the west, the company announced today. A release is planned for this fall.

Here’s some information about the game:

Developer G-MODE has revealed some new details on their upcoming release of BurgerTime Party!, including a deeper dive into multiplayer aspects, stage gimmicks, and items.

Those interested can view the translated notes from Gematsu below.

Developer G-MODE has released new information on enemy types that can be found within their upcoming title BurgerTime Party!.

The translated details from Gematsu can be viewed below.

Data East’s action-platformer series BurgerTime! is making a comeback on Switch. G-Mode Corporation today revealed BurgerTime Party!, which launches on the eShop later this year.

Not much is known at present. However, BurgerTime Party! is confirmed to support up to four players.

Here’s a teaser trailer:

The arcade game Bad Dudes was originally on track to hit Switch on March 21. That was a few days ago, but it hasn’t yet released.

Bad Dudes seems to have been affected by some sort of delay, but thankfully it hasn’t been pushed back very far. The eShop now shows an updated release date of March 29. The reasoning behind the delay is unknown.

Source: Switch eShop

On Wednesday, Flying Tiger Entertainment will be bringing its next arcade title to Switch in Bad Dudes. Check out some footage below.

Data East’s 1988 arcade beat ’em up Bad Dudes Vs DragonNinja is coming to the Switch. According to the eShop, the game is due for release March 21.

Here’s a brief overview:

“Rampant ninja related crimes these days… Whitehouse is not the exception…” As soon as that occurs, a Secret Service agent asks two street-smart brawlers, the “Bad Dudes” named Blade and Striker: “President Ronnie has been kidnapped by the ninjas. Are you a bad enough dude to rescue Ronnie?” After hearing that, the Bad Dudes pursue the Dragon Ninja through the New York City streets, a moving big rig truck, a large storm sewer, a forest, a freight train on an old Southern Pacific line, a cave and into an underground factory in order to save President Ronnie.

Bad Dudes Vs DragonNinja will be priced at $9.99.

Source: Switch eShop