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Mortal Shell frame rate resolution

Thanks to Digital Foundry, we have a closer look at Mortal Shell: Complete Edition from a technical perspective, including frame rate and resolution. While the port is impressive in some ways, it’s clear that the hardware struggles when it comes to performance.

Here’s a roundup of notable tidbits:

Mortal Shell: Complete Edition physical

Mortal Shell: Complete Edition will be receiving a physical release, retailer listings have revealed. Pages have started to pop up on outlets such as Amazon UK.

It was just this week that Mortal Shell: Complete Edition was not only announced for Switch, but released as well. However, it is thus far limited to the eShop.

Mortal Shell: Complete Edition gameplay

Mortal Shell: Complete Edition dropped on Switch today out of nowhere, and those that want to see how the port turned out can check out new gameplay. 25 minutes of footage has emerged.

Get caught up on everything you need to know about the title in the following overview:

Mortal Shell: Complete Edition

More than a year after the game’s original debut, Mortal Shell: Complete Edition has just come to Switch. Playstack and Cold Symmetry have launched the title on the eShop as part of a surprise release.

Mortal Shell: Complete Edition is the same action RPG that fans played previously. For this Switch edition, it includes all content updates and DLC.

Here’s an official overview:

Rise of the Slime

The roguelite deckbuilder Rise of the Slime has appeared on Switch, and we now have some proper footage of the title. Have a look at the gameplay below.

Rise of the Slime can be accessed digitally as an eShop download. We have more information and a trailer for the game here.

Rise of the Slime

Playstack and Bunkovsky Games have nailed down the release date for Rise of the Slime, a roguelite deckbuilder. The game will be launching for Nintendo’s console on May 20.

We have the following overview of Rise of the Slime from Playstack:

Rise of the Slime

Today, Playstack and Bunkovsky Games announced that they’re putting Rise of the Slime on Switch. The strategic roguelike deck-builder is scheduled for this spring.

Here’s some information about the title plus a trailer:

The competitive music-rhythm game Super Dodgeball Beats is coming to Switch on August 22, publisher PlayStack and developer Final Boss Games announced today. A release is planned through the eShop.

Here’s an overview of Super Dodgeball Beats, along with a trailer:

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