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Pokemon Comaster

The Pokemon Company has just released a new trailer for Pokemon Comaster, the currently Japan-only figure battling game for mobile phones. Give it a watch:

Pokémon Comaster is now available on iOS devices in Japan. Previously, the game launched only for Android devices.


Additional footage of Pokemon Comaster, the new Pokemon game for mobile devices in Japan, is now available. See the opening and an hour of gameplay below.

In Japan, Pokemon Comaster came out on Android today (iOS to follow). You can take a look at some footage from the game below.

Pokémon Comaster, the previously annonced mobile Pokémon board game, is now out in Japan. The object of the game is to beat your opponent’s figurines with your own, taking over the board. The game is free-to-play, although microtransactions will give you a chance at getting better figures. The game supports both online and local multiplayer. We’ll update with more important details as they arrive.

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