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The Pokemon Company

The Pokemon Company International has announced that it will donate $25 million across the next 5 years in support of non-profit organisations that support children and work to create equitable communities. The groups that it intends to support include Black Girls Code, Central Única das Favelas, and Stop AAPI Hate.

The company had this to say on the matter:

“We are dedicated to leveraging that unique ability and the support we’ve received from our broad community of trainers to be a positive force in the lives of children and create a more equitable, inclusive world in which all can flourish,”

The Pokemon Company reported record profits in 2021, and ranked fifth in the top global licensor rankings. Last year the franchise celebrated its 25th Anniversary, and the next games in the franchise, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, were announced earlier this year.


An interesting job listing has appeared for the position of an Archivist within The Pokémon Company International, whose role will be to create and help maintain a digital archive and museum on the Pokemon brand.

An official press release from The Pokemon Company has just confirmed that Junichi Masuda is leaving his former role as Game Freak’s Managing Director to become The Pokemon Company’s Chief Creative Fellow, effective immediately. Essentially, that means that while he should no longer be directly involved with the development of the series’ games, he will now be focusing on managing the franchise as a whole.

Junichi Masuda’s role in the development of the Pokemon franchise is a noteworthy one; he has been involved in the development of the games ever since the original Pokemon Red Version and Green Version, has directed several games in the franchise himself, and has generally assisted in the development of other games in the franchise, such the mobile spin-off title Pokemon Go. In a way, his new role in the company should mimic that of Shigeru Miyamoto, who also stepped into the role of Creative Fellow at Nintendo to focus more on managing their brand rather than be directly involved in developing their games.

Included below is a transcript of The Pokemon Company’s full PR statement, including a comment from Junichi Masuda himself:

The newest version of Pokemon Unite has released on iOS. This is version,  and it brings Battle Pass 7 to the game as well as some minor bug fixes. This update has only released on iOS thus far, but Android and consoles are sure to follow soon.

For all that is included in this update, check out the official patch notes below.

Nintendo has released an update for Pokemon Legends: Arceus (version 1.1.1) that addresses an issue that players were experiencing. This issue has to do with the Shiny Charm – it seems certain players couldn’t obtain it even after fulfilling the requirements. 

This appears to be the only change to the game in this update, and the official patch notes can be read below.

Ver. 1.1.1 (Released March 17, 2022)
Update Details
Fixed an issue where certain conditions would prevent players from obtaining the Shiny Charm even if they met the requirements. After updating the game, players who experienced this issue can obtain the Shiny Charm by speaking with Professor Laventon inside Galaxy Hall in Jubilife Village provided they meet the requirements.


The Pokemon Company has announced that in the lead-up to this year’s Pokemon Day 2022, they are making one brand new announcement for a whole host of games and projects every day this week.

The topic and date of each announcement is as follows:

The Pokemon Company has announced that in celebration of last month’s release of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, an orchestra will be playing an arrangement of the games’ original soundtrack.

You can watch the performance as it goes live on Youtube with the video below.

Universal Studios Japan and The Pokemon Company have announced a new partnership for new attractions to Universal’s theme park in Osaka, Japan. The new pokemon-themed additions have not been specified, but the first of these attractions is scheduled to be open to park guests sometime in 2022. Here are the details we know so far:

Another song has been released from the upcoming Pokemon 25 album. This song is by the artist Cyn and it is called “Wonderful.”

The song is up on all major music streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple music, etc.) and there is a visualizer video below.

Pokemon 25: The Album is planned to release this fall.

The beta test for Pokemon UNITE is live now in Japan, meaning players can download the game for the Switch and play it during the Network Test period. This test is live from June 24 to 26 in Japan and the software can be downloaded from the eShop with a Japanese Nintendo account. The entire file size of the game is 1020MB and it can be played in handled, tabletop, or docked mode.

There doesn’t seem to be any beta coming for Switch in other regions (there was some mobile tests for other regions, but no Switch tests), so this is the final chance to try out the game early before it releases in July. Players of any residence can try it out via the Japanese eShop (with a Japanese Nintendo account), so feel free to try it out if interested.


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