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Pokemon Quest

The Switch version of Pokemon Quest has received its first update. All players can download version 1.1.0.

As a present, 500 PM Tickets are being handed out as a president. Nintendo also states, “Various issues have been resolved in order to make for a more pleasant gaming experience.”


Pokemon Quest has surpassed 7.5 million downloads, The Pokemon Company announced today. That number factors in numbers on both Switch and mobile. For mobile, iOS and Android download are accounted for here.

Pokemon Quest previously reached 1 million downloads on Switch in less than two days.

Source: Pokemon PR

After it first debuted on Switch, Pokemon Quest made the jump to mobile last week. Sensor Tower shares insight into the game’s performance over its first week.

Pokemon Quest has generated roughly $3 million in global player spending on iOS and Android. Furthermore, it has been installed 3.5 million times.

Following up on its Switch launch a few weeks ago, Pokemon Quest is out now on mobile devices. We have the launch trailer below.

Pokemon Quest was previously made available on Switch, though we knew that a mobile version was on the way as well. That version of the game has since launch.

You can find Pokemon Quest on iOS here. The Android version is here. Just like the Switch version, the game is free-to-play.

Pokemon Quest has been downloaded over 2.5 million times on Switch, according to an official tweet from the series’ Japanese Twitter account. That number was at one million on June 1.

Pokemon Quest is also heading to mobile. Pre-registration opened on iOS and Android today, with the launch expected by June 28.


Serebii has mentioned that Pokemon Quest is slated for release on June 28 on Android and iOS. The Twitter post is below.

Source: Serebii

Pokemon Quest has already reached a major milestone. Since launching earlier in the week, it has managed to surpass one million downloads.

Switch owners can download Pokemon Quest on the eShop as a free-to-play game. A mobile version is slated for this month.


Pokemon Quest is now available to download on the Switch eShop. Along with an official trailer, below you’ll find some footage.

Pokemon Quest was only just announced today. Despite that, the free-to-play is now available to download.

You can nab Pokemon Quest from the eShop, though you may have to search for it. The file size is 221MB. 

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