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Pokemon the Movie: Coco

Pokemon the Movie: Coco was originally set to debut in Japan on July 10. But due to the coronavirus, its premiere has been pushed back to an unspecified date. The Pokemon Company apologized in today’s announcement.

Zarude, a new Mythical Pokemon, will be making one of its first major appearances in Pokemon the Movie: Coco. It will eventually be offered in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. You can learn more about the creature in our previous post here.


With the movie’s July 10th release seeming pretty far away,  it was announced that starting April 17th, tickets will be available for pre-order for Pokemon the Movie: Coco. Moviegoers will also be rewarded for their purchase, with a shiny Celebi being gifted to all who pre-purchase a ticket, and Zarude becoming available to players from June 15th. While nothing has been announced for Western players just yet, its a matter of time before we are informed of how to obtain this new Legendary Pokemon.


The next trailer for Pokemon the Movie: Coco will air this Friday during Oha Suta in Japan. This movie was originally revealed in a trailer following the airing of Mewtwo Strikes Back EVOLUTION. You can view the original trailer here:


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