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Rock Pocket Games

Pinchcliffe Grand Prix

Publisher Zordix, co-producer Rock Pocket Games, and developers Ravn Studio and Invictus Games have announced that they’re bringing Pinchcliffe Grand Prix to Switch next month. A release is planned for November 4.

The project is a spiritual successor to the DS and PC title of the same name. This new game, based on the Norwegian film, has now been recreated in Unreal Engine and in full 3D. 

Rock Pocket Games announced this week that Shiftlings Enhanced Edition is coming to Switch on February 1. Take a look at 20 minutes of footage below.

Last month, Rock Pocket Games announced that Shiftlings, a puzzle game that was released on Wii U, would be coming to Switch. Today, they confirmed that release as Shiftlings Enhanced Edition. As the name implies, several improvements have been added, such as 60 fps, updated level designs and new help features. A release date for the game hasn’t been announced yet. Check out the trailer for the game below:

Similar to the way in which Shiftlings was confirmed for Switch, we have news about another title from Rock Pocket Games heading to the console. The studio’s website shows that Starflux Rivals is also on the way.

Starflux Rivals is described as “a multiplayer competitive brawler” that takes inspiration from the likes of Smash Bros. and Worms. Gravity is the hook here, as it will pull you towards the nearest surface. That means fights can take place while walking upside down, and the game’s physics will allow you to orbit around the arena to surprise your opponents.

We have more information about Starflux Rivals below, along with a trailer.

Some may remember Shiftlings on the Wii U, a puzzle game about controlling two differently sized characters who are tethered together.

Well, Rock Pocket Games has added a little sentence to their game’s description online: “A Nintendo Switch version of the game is being released soon.”

More indie games are always welcome on the Switch. At the time of writing, any sort of release date has not yet been hinted at.


Shiftlings came out on the North American eShop last week as one of the new digital releases for Wii U. Take a look at some footage from the game below.

Along with Europe, Shiftlings will be coming to the North American Wii U eShop. That’s according to a listing on the digital store. When it arrives, Shiftlings will cost $14.99.

A trailer is now available for the upcoming Wii U eShop game Shiftlings. Give it a look below.

Shiftlings from Rock Pocket Games and Activision/Sierra could be coming to Wii U, assuming a listing from PEGI is accurate. The classification board added an entry into its database for the apparent Wii U version on February 10.

Check out an overview and trailer for Shiftlings below. We’ll try to find out if Sierra can confirm PEGI’s listing.

In this physics based, puzzle platformer you control two, not so bright but lovable, alien space janitors which are the main attraction in an intergalactic reality tv-show without their knowing. While we watch over their shoulders, they are supposed to solve different small tasks on five themed worlds with ten levels each and they are ready to do pretty much everything, from jumping on each-other, to dragging and dropping and using that tube till it bursts.

The fun twist is that those two are connected by an air hose through which they can shift their size which is crucial to survive the hazardous challenges the two get thrown into. As helpful as the tube can be it will also provide additional challenges.

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