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SDK Paint

HullBreach Studios has pinned down a release date for SDK Paint version 4. The new update is currently scheduled for June 23.

The upcoming update will bring about a host of new features. HullBeach covers it all in the official Miiverse post below.


HullBreach Studios has prepared a new trailer for SDK Paint version 4, posted below. Here’s the video:

The indie developer also passed along a bunch of details about what’s included in the update. Continue on below for the full breakdown.

We are so grateful for all the support from gamers over the past 18 months, so we wanted this grande finale before moving to SDK Spriter. For those new to SDK Paint: it’s a layer based art studio that supports painting, pixel art, filters, effects, and more. It doesn’t stop there, though. The extra features are what I am covering:

STENCILS: These are grayscale underlay images that can be traced to help create some amazing art. With this update, there are 25 new (free!) Stencils, including Renaissance Art, Post-Renaissance Art, Asian Art, and a Tomeling: Darkness Falls UV map. With the update, existing art can be loaded into the Painting screen after importing a Stencil, which makes continuing where you left off even easier!

GALLERIES: These are 3D raycasted rooms with the art hanging on the walls. They support several controller schemes and contain many shaders and effects. Now, all Galleries are 720P resolution with enhanced shaders – like depth-of-field – and gain selectable background music. 4 Galleries are included, and 12 more are available as DLC.

SLIDESHOWS: These are completely new to this version. They are animated transitions between existing art, with accompanying music. Speed and background color are customizable. 2 Slideshows are included, and 6 more are available as DLC. SHARING: Previously, this screen supported posting art to Miiverse™ in 2D or layer-expanded anaglyph 3D. Now, with this update, Miiverse gains stamps. Yet, the big new feature is the Online Gallery at This website lets artists post their art online with all layers intact. The art can be viewed in a variety of image formats, including the 3D MPO format on the Nintendo 3DS browser! Through this website, art will be able to import into several future Wii U games, including UCraft (NexisGames), HullBreach: Uncloaked, Tomeling: Darkness Falls, and U Match It! (all HullBreach Studios). Thank you, once again, for all your support! We hope you will enjoy v4 as much as we do!

Source: HullBreach Sgtudios PR

HullBreach Studios has one final update lined up for SDK Paint. Later in Q1, version 4 will be released. The patch will introduce new features as pack-ins or add-on content.

Here’s what’s included in version 4:

General – All menus in 720P
General – Music on all menus
Painting – New erasers: square, round, smudge
Painting – New brushes: Charcoal, Highlight, Oil, Watercolor
Painting – Load existing art without leaving screen
Painting – Fix to opacity bug with Undo/Redo
Stencils – Tomeling Pack: Texture
Galleries – Autofocus depth-of-field
Galleries – Faster 720P, removed 480P
Galleries – Cheatsheet for controls
Slideshows – New feature to view art animated with music
Slideshows – Pack 1: Carousel, Cascade, TBA
Sharing – Online gallery posting
Sharing – Miiverse Stamps

The following add-on content will also be available:

Slideshows – Pack 2: Cubes, Wobbler, TBA
Slideshows – Pack 3: (Modes TBA)
Slideshows – Pack 4: (Modes TBA)


SDK Paint version 3 is releasing next week. That news comes from HullBreach Studios, who shared the news on Twitter today:

The new version of SDK Paint will add UCraft templates and a pixel brush. Additionally, new DLC will be available to purchase. Here’s the full rundown:


HullBreach Studios has published a trailer for SDK Paint’s new version. For those who purchased the title previously, it will be made available as a free update. Check out the video below.

HullBreach Studios released a new SDK Paint video for the game’s upcoming version 3 update. It shows the updates to the interface, including the menus used to reach various aspects of the application. In another video, HullBreach will provide a look at the overhauled painting screen like the new brush types and the add-on content Effects Pack.

HullBreach Studios passed along new information about its upcoming plans, including new games and previously-released titles. The latest news covers Defense Dome, SDK Paint, Tomeling: Darkness Falls and SDK Spriter. Read on below to find out what’s new with each of these releases.

Defense Dome New Trailer
(Powered By Nintendo Framework)


Development just finished on this title, and it was sent to Nintendo for review today. We will announce when the release date is set. For those new to this game, it is a gyroscope-controlled arcade-style shooter, where you launch countermeasures to shoot down incoming missiles. The Wii U GamePad acts as a zoomable scope. The initial launch will come with 2 levels: Mountains (tutorial mode) and Hurricane (blitz mode). Future levels will be in the form of inexpensive add-on content. No 2 levels will be alike in this: some will be first-person perspective; others will be heavy on power-ups. Some levels will be based on ideas posted to Miiverse, so the gamers will help design the future levels! Defense Dome is fully translated into English, French, and Spanish.


A demo for SDK Paint is pending review with Nintendo right now. This demo previews just Painting mode, and it provides screenshots for other modes. The next update to SDK Paint is in development. It will contain direct Miiverse posting, more brushes, bug fixes, and a redesigned interface. Additionally, there will be add-on Galleries and add-on shaders (like fisheye, motion blur, ripple, etc.). The plan is to also build online sharing into this version, linking artwork with and some upcoming Wii U titles.


This RPG stars an ancient tome that has come to life and his human companions, as they journey to save the world from a demonic incursion. The gameplay will be reminiscent of some of the classic games of the 1990s. We hope to have a video teaser ready in the next few weeks. The target release is in the fall.


This end-to-end 2D game level design studio will allow gamers to draw animated sprites, draw tilesets, build tilemaps, and combine everything into playable levels. The levels will come in the forms of parallax sidescroller, overhead platformer, and “Mode 7”. Artists will be able to share content over Miiverse. The target release is in the summer.

Source: HullBreach Studios PR

A European release date is now set. Developer HullBreach Studios announced through Twitter today that the game is lined up for February 26.

The tweet reads:

SDK Paint previously launched in North America on November 6.


Hullbreach Studios has promised long-term support for SDK Paint. The application’s first update has already been submitted to Nintendo and should be out soon.

Here’s a quick overview as to what will be added to SDK Paint:

New footage released today:

-Improved GUI
-Grids & Guidelines integrated directly into toolbar
– Zoom (All 5 layer, 4Xs magnification)
-Gallery Effects
-Double Memory
-Expanded Galleries
-Smudge Tool
-Spray Tool
-Sharing preview Off TV for posting
-New procedurally generated and scalable pattern fills
-Double size Color Pallete
-Camera functionality enabling self portraits -Layer Clear
-Layer Swap
-Layer Shift Left/Right
-Undo now backs up to 10 times
-Mirror and Flip loading times diminished
-An in game description for each tool if you hold it with stylus

View the video above for a look at the upcoming SDK Paint update.

Source: Hullbreach Studios PR

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