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Secret Mode

An extensive new update has been released for Wobbledogs, bringing the game up to version This adds a variety of improvements to the game, including the ability to fully pause in menus and more easily track goals, as well as an assortment of bug fixes. Full details can be found below:

Wobbledogs gameplay

17 minutes of gameplay has come in for Wobbledogs, a pet sim title. Secret Mode and Animal Uprising put the game on Switch only a few days ago.

Below is an overview of Wobbledogs with more information:


Thanks to publisher Secret Mode and developer Animal Uprising, we’ll be seeing Wobbledogs on Switch. A new version of the game was announced and it will hit Nintendo’s console on November 17, 2022.

Wobbledogs is a 3D pet simulation that has players raising rapidly mutating dogs. More information can be found below.

A few games are seeing a surprise release on Switch today thanks to the new Indie World Showcase, and it turns out that A Little to the Left is one of them. Fans can pick it up on the eShop now.

A Little to the Left is the the wholesome puzzler from publisher Secret Mode and Max Inferno. For those that need a refresher, continue on below.

Penko Park

Penko Park, which originally released on PC to a strong reception, is now seeing a release on Switch, Publisher Secret Mode and developer Ghostbutter today announced that the version for Nintendo’s console will be out on September 27, 2022.

Penko Park is a “creepy-cute on-rails adventure where you embark on an eekological survey through an eerie abandoned wildlife park”. The Switch version features the full experience, including The Shivering Crypts expansion, which added a new park region, 40 new monsters, plus additional features, collectibles, and secrets.

Little Orpheus trailer

Following a previous delay, Little Orpheus came to Switch this week, and we have a launch trailer. Fans can get one more look at the subterranean epic.

Learn more about Little Orpheus in the following overview:

Little Orpheus new release date

Publisher Secret Mode and developer The Chinese Room have set a new release date for Little Orpheus, their side-scrolling adventure game. Switch will be getting the title on September 13, 2022.

Little Orpheus was first planned to hit Switch on March 1. However, it was delayed at the last minute due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Eternal Threads

The time-twisting narrative adventure Eternal Threads is in the works for Switch, publisher Secret Mode and developer Cosmonaut Studios confirmed today.

The game is initially slated to launch in May. On Switch, however, we won’t be seeing it until later in 2022. Eternal Threads was announced just over a year ago, but today marks the first time we’re hearing about it for Nintendo’s console.

Little Orpheus delayed

Little Orpheus was originally set to arrive on Switch today, but the title is seeing a delay. Publisher Secret Mode and developer The Chinese Room have chosen to push the game back due to “recent world events”.

The full statement reads:

Little Orpheus

Publisher Secret Mode and developer The Chinese Room announced today that following its originally appearance on Apple Arcade, Little Orpheus is coming to Switch. The technicolor side-scrolling adventure title is planned for March 1, 2022.

For those new to Little Orpheus, have a look at the following overview:

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