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Spicy Tails

Sekai Games has shared a trailer for World End Economica: Complete, a three-part visual novel for Switch. We’ve included the video below.

World End Economica: Complete is currently live on the Switch eShop. We have further coverage on the game here.

It was announced a few days ago that World End Economica: Complete will be appearing on Switch next week. For a look at some footage, watch the video below.

After it was announced for Switch in 2019, World End Economica: Complete has been dated for Switch. The three-part visual novel is expected digitally on April 22.

Sekai Games has shared the following overview:

Thanks to a listing on the Japanese Switch eShop, we have a final release date for Spice and Wolf VR 2. The game is now confirmed for release on December 10.

Here’s an overview of Spice and Wolf VR 2, along with a teaser trailer:

New footage has emerged for Spice and Wolf VR on Switch. Take a look at a bunch of gameplay in the video below.

This Thursday, Spice and Wolf VR will be offered on Switch through the eShop. Take a look an English trailer for the title below.

As is the case in Japan, Spice and Wolf VR will be released on Switch in the west next week. An eShop listing confirms the game’s launch for September 5.

Here’s an overview of Spice and Wolf VR:

Spice and Wolf VR will arrive on Switch next week, a Japanese eShop listing reveals. A release is planned for September 5.

As a reminder, the title supports Nintendo Labo. Players can use the Toy-Con Goggles for a more interactive experience.

For those that missed it previously, here’s an overview and trailer for Spice and Wolf VR:

Spice and Wolf VR is coming to Switch, developer Spicy Tails has announced.

Here’s an introduction from the game’s Steam listing:

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