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Sekai Games

A Light in the Dark

Publisher Sekai Project, along with developers CreSpirit, Storia, and Narrator, today announced that A Light in the Dark is making its way to Switch. The visual novel is slated for this fall.

For more on A Light in the Dark, read the following overview:

Clea 2

A new update has been made available for Clea 2, and it’s a notable one. The game is now at version 1.4.

This week’s update adds Clea’s Quest as an unlockable bonus mode, includes improved performance, and more. Head past the break for the full patch notes.

Heart of the Woods

This past, the fantasy yuri visual novel Heart of the Woods will be appearing on Switch. Check out some footage in the video below.

Heart of the Woods is out now on the Switch eShop. You can find more details and a trailer here.

The fantasy yuri visual novel Heart of the Woods will arrive on Switch next month, according to an eShop listing. Sekai Games and Studio Elan will have it ready to go on July 8.

Here’s an overview plus a trailer:


A substantial update is out now for Clea, a jump scare free, skill-based survival horror adventure. Sekai Games and InvertMouse have brought the game up to version 1.5.

The update includes four new costumes, visual fixes, gameplay and performance upgrades, and more. We have the full patch notes below.

World End Economica: Complete

Sekai Games has shared a trailer for World End Economica: Complete, a three-part visual novel for Switch. We’ve included the video below.

World End Economica: Complete is currently live on the Switch eShop. We have further coverage on the game here.

World End Economica: Complete

It was announced a few days ago that World End Economica: Complete will be appearing on Switch next week. For a look at some footage, watch the video below.

World End Economica: Complete

After it was announced for Switch in 2019, World End Economica: Complete has been dated for Switch. The three-part visual novel is expected digitally on April 22.

Sekai Games has shared the following overview:

Clea 2

Clea 2 will release on Switch as of March 25, for $14.99 in the US eShop. We now have footage of the skill-based survival horror game in action. Check out the first 25 minutes of the game below:


Clea 2

The skill-based survival horror game Clea was made available on Switch last October. Its sequel, appropriately titled Clea 2, isn’t too far behind. Sekai Games has announced the title is planned for a March release on Nintendo’s console.

Here’s an overview of Clea 2, along with a trailer:

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