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It’s a work in progress, but Steam has started to add in support for the Switch Joy-Con controllers. Those that are involved with the service’s beta client can access the functionality now.

According to Valve, the Joy-Con controllers can be used with its service individually as a mini-gamepad or combined into pairs.


Back in May, Switch Pro Controller support was added on Steam. Valve has now offered a look at the top games played on its platform with the device across three different categories.

Below are the full results:


Valve has shared some interesting information about the use of controllers on its platforms.

As far as Nintendo controllers go, the Switch Pro Controller outweighs everything. It’s the seventh most popular controller type on Steam, which is quite good considering the device’s full feature set wasn’t enabled until May. Over 450,000 players have been using the Switch Pro Controller.


Have you ever wanted to play games on Steam with a Switch Pro Controller? With the latest Steam Client Beta, it’s possible. Support for the controller has been officially added.

The steps users need to take in order to get the functionality worried has been outlined on Steam. Find the full announcement and details below.


The Ace Attorney anime ran through its full 24-episode season last year. For those with Steam accounts, it’s now available for purchase. The entire season will cost you $8.16, but individual episodes are priced at $0.49.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Justice For All were adapted for last year’s anime. A-1 Pictures handled production of the show.

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