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The Amazing Spider-Man 2

A bunch of additional details about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 have surfaced from a new preview on Polygon. You can check out a summary of information below and quotes from developer Beenox in the article here.

– The team understood that the original game’s foundation needed work
– One of the most important things Beenox sought to improve was the web swinging
– Beenox wants players to feel connected to the character of Spider-Man and to the people in his life as both the masked hero and Peter Parker
– Peter Parker segments happen at predetermined points
– Can’t switch in and out of costume on a whim
– As Peter, you’ll interact with other characters in RPG-like dialogue trees to learn more details about the story
– Can skip these segments if you choose
– Dialogue trees are meant as a “narrative vessel” to provide insight into the people in Parker’s life
– Will really get to meet the characters before facing off against them
– In one part of the game, Peter attends a cocktail party to snap some photos of the Manhattan elite
– Peter runs into Harry Osborn and the two discuss OsCorp’s connections to Wilson Fisk (Kingpin)
– Osborn admitted that Fisk was connected to the mafia but said Fisk was the only person willing and able to invest in the research OsCorp wanted to do
– Beenox is making other efforts to give players a sense of Spider-Man’s powers and responsibilities in other ways
– Will need to keep cleaning up crime by the game’s Hero/Menace system
– This sytem is not like the player’s-choice morality system you might find in something such as inFamous
– Complete side activities to push Spider-Man into the “Hero” side of the bar
– Stay there to earn bonuses on the ability boosts that his suits convey
– Crimes will expire after a certain period of time
– If you ignore them or don’t complete them successfully, you’ll become marked as a “Menace”
– When this happens, the city will send a special task force after you
– Drones will pester Spider-Man as he soars around Manhattan
– Limited set of repeating crimes
– These include ending a standoff between thugs and the police, rescuing citizens from burning buildings and defusing bombs
– Beenox believes it has designed the activities with enough variability to keep them fresh
– Ex: varying the number of people in a building, mixing up their locations and adding obstacles like debris to clear
– Many of Spider-Man’s adventures are set in the city itself this time around
– Even the ones that are in separate areas are much more open
– Ex: Spider-Man will go down into an abandoned subway tunnel to retrieve a new suit, and you can be stealthy or let the goons know you’re coming
– Not a straight movie tie-in
– Some story overlap from the film
– None of the actors voice their characters
– Game models don’t resemble the actors
– No spoilers for the film


High Voltage Software, makers of the Conduit games, are working on the 3DS version of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. That’s according to a page on Nintendo’s website, which lists the studio as the game’s developer.

This is a bit of a change compared to how Spider-Man entries on the 3DS have been handled in the past. Previously, Beenox created Spider-Man: Edge of Time and the first Amazing Spider-Man for Nintendo’s portable. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be the first 3DS title not developed by Beenox.

Thanks to Jake for the tip.

New screenshots and details for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 have come in through a Game Informer GDC 2014 preview. You can find all of the content below, and GI’s full piece here.

– Webbing is now tied to the left/right triggers
– Ex: hold down left and you’ll swing forward before gaining altitude and listing to the left
– Alternate between left/right web shots to move forward in a controlled/speedy pace
– GDC demo begins as Peter Parks enters a private fund-raising event
– He runs into Harry Osborn here, and the two talk
– Players can choose between different dialog options
– The conversation soon turns to Richard Fisk, and how Osborn thinks Fisk is into illegal activities
– Waiter walks by with drinks, but Peter knocks the tray over before Osborn can take on, as he used his spider sense to see that it had poison
– Peter slinks off and puts on his spider suit
– He follows the waiter backstage and runs into Russian mobsters
– Crew includes a bruiser
– Need to immobilize him with a charge attack before he can be damaged
– Spider-Man can pull off web and physical-based moves
– One of these has Spidey positioning himself between two opponents, webbing them both in the face, leaping in the air and pulling the line taut
– This causes them to bonk their heads together
– Stealth-based sequence follows next
– Stealth sequences are less linear than in previous games
– Choose your own path while removing each guard from play
– The goons are guarding an experimental suit, which just so happens to be sized perfectly for Spider-Man
– New speedy enemy archetype catches up with Spider-Man when he thinks he’s going to get away clean
– She’s quite quick, and her blades are sharp
– Will need to effectively dodge roll and use web pulls to succeed
– Some view Spider-Man as a hero, while others view him as a threat
– New hero system
– Missions will pop up on the minimap as players progress through the campaign
– Missions can be ignored, but at a cost
– Ex: Spider-Man can save unconscious victims in a building on fire by using his spider senses to navigate through the smoke
– His bravery will be recognized through a special segment on the Bugle Channel with anchor Whitney Chang
– Fail at a bomb-disposal mission, and J. Jonah Jameson will take to the airwaves, wondering why Spidey didn’t call the police instead of trying to figure it out himself
– Citizens will treat Spider-Man differently as players gain more acclaim/notoriety
– Civilians will clap when they see the heroic Spider-Man
– They’ll run at one that’s seen as a public menace
– Oscorp will send out drones to attack Spider-Man
– Spider-Man will face penalties to damage and other stats


A release date for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has been determined. It’ll launch on April 29 in North America and May 2 in Europe, developer Beenox has confirmed on Twitter.

The studio revealed earlier today:


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