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The Arcade Crew

Infernax, a demon-slaying action adventure title from publisher The Arcade Crew and developer Berzerk Studio – the team behind Just Shapes & Beats – now has a release date. The two sides confirmed today that it will be available on February 14.

More information about Infernax can be found within the following overview:

Young Souls has been delayed, with the game missing out on its original Fall 2021 release window. The title is now planned for a Q1 2022 release.

On Twitter, publisher The Arcade Crew explained that it would have been unable to meet the original launch target “without compromising our human work ethics and game quality.” You can read the full statement regarding the delay for Young Souls below.

Infernax is getting a physical release, it’s been revealed.

Limited Run Games and Merge Games will be in charge of the boxed versions in North America and Europe respectively. Both are offering a standard version and collector’s edition.

Infernax, a demon-slaying action adventure inspired by 8-bit retro classics from Just Shapes & Beats developer Berzerk Studio, has now been confirmed for Switch. The Arcade Crew will handle publishing and the title will arrive on the console in Q1 2022.

Infernax has players assuming the role of Alcedor, a famed knight who discovers an unholy magic has spread throughout his land while he was away. He’ll now look to take down the beasts roaming his home with a skull-splitting mace and a trusty shield.

The Arcade Crew and 1P2P today confirmed that Young Souls, a narrative-driven RPG beat ’em up game, will be released for Switch. It will be available sometime this fall.

We have the following overview and trailer straight from The Arcade Crew:

Limited Run Games and Kunai Meridiem Games are providing Kunai with a physical release, publisher The Arcade Crew has announced.

A standard version has thus far been confirmed from Limited Run Games, and pre-orders open on July 8. Meridiem Games will release its own version in October and is including a stickers set plus an exclusive Tabby pin as a pre-order gift.

Kunai was previously made available for Switch as an eShop download.

Source: The Arcade Crew PR

The fast-paced action adventure / Metroidvania game Kunai has been updated on Switch. With version 1.0.3, the team has implemented a few improvements and fixed a number of issues impacting the player experience.

Below are the full patch notes:

The fast-paced action adventure / Metroidvania game Kunai debuts on Switch today via the eShop. We have the official launch trailer below.

Some lengthy gameplay has emerged showing off Kunai on Switch, which officially launches tomorrow. Get a look at the footage below.

The fast-paced action adventure / metroidvania game Kunai will launch for Switch on February 6, publisher The Arcade Crew and developer TurtleBlaze announced today. It will be sold digitally via the eShop.

Here’s an overview of Kunai: