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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

IGN has put up a new preview for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, which is filled to the brim with a ton of details. We’ve rounded up the information below.

– First two dungeons IGN saw were optional
– These test traditional platforming skills
– One dungeon is set in an expansive, fiery cavern called Death Mountain
– Need to fall from high to low platforms
– These platforms shift, pause, cross paths
– Distance between the platforms is great, so the 3D effect can come in handy
– Second dungeon also has Link navigating thin platforms
– In this one, a murky abyss replaced the lava below
– Instead of worrying about another dimension, bats attacked the player and made navigating the narrow walkways more difficult
– Certain platforms narrowly brushed by each other
– As such, you need to leap onto the platforms as a drawing and wait for solid ground
– The 7 dungeons of Lorule are important to the story
– IGN’s demo began in Ravio’s shop
– Ravio sells an ice rod, hammer, hookshot, etc.
– Each tool proves useful in a different dungeon, but you won’t know right away which item best suits each area
– Most items seem to cost around 50-80 rupees
– Cash was plentiful in the demo, may not be the case in the final version
– Maiamai: unchin-like creatures scattered throughout the map
– Some are in obvious locations, but others must be located by tracking their cries
– Save ten and you can upgraded an item of your choosing
– You’ll have to own, not rent, the piece in order to do so
– Turtle Rock, Thieves Den locations
– Thieves Den requires a password
– Turtle Rock has you completing an extensive task before entering the dungeon
– Here, you have to reunite three lost children with their mother
– One child is on a nearby shore, another was surrounded by enemies, and the third was stuck on a cliff
– Last one requires you to turn into a drawing, walking behind its wedged shell, and popping back into the world
– Save the children, and you can then hop onto the mother’s back and ride to Turtle Rock
– Ice rod is best for the dungeon
– Earn extra rupees with mini-games
– One is a simple version of baseball in which you whack a ball to break vases
– Another involves dodging a chicken for 30 seconds
– Turtle Rock has freezing lava columns
– Edging around them as a drawing is a common way to get around
– Teetering seesaw platforms have to be frozen in the center to keep them still
– Enemies on the high ground launch projectiles that you have to dodge
– Avoid damage by turning into a drawing
– Thieves Den is more about puzzle-solving than combat
– After meeting a mysterious woman in a jail cell, you’ll direct her to stand on switches and open new areas
– She can’t turn into a drawing like you can, so you’ll do a lot of slipping between prison bars and around edges in an effort to clear a path for her
– Certain enemies will ignore you and charge directly for her, meaning you’ll have to play guard duty as well


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