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The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes

Zelda: Tri Force Heroes will feature a number of modes. As confirmed through today’s Nintendo Treehouse Live @ E3 segment, both a Challenge mode and Arena mode will be included. Specific details were not shared.

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes allows players to team up with others locally or online. In the latter case, some people were hoping that Nintendo would be supporting voice chat so that communication would be possible over the Internet.

Sadly, we now have confirmation that there are no plans for such functionality. This was confirmed during a Nintendo Treehouse Live @ E3 segment.

– Zelda dress offers the appearance of more hearts
– Another outfit is fashioned like a wearable bomb
– One puzzle requires the three Links to form the totem and fire an arrow through a tall flame to light an out-of-reach unlit torch
– Need to make sure the right person goes on top and only the person on the bottom can toss everyone back down
– If you’re on top or in the middle, you are at the whim of the lowest man in the totem
– Margoma boss: get a bomb thrower on top of the totem to throw a bomb at its eye
– Once this is done, you need to switch out the totem to get an archer on top to fire arrows at the beast eyeballs
– Share hearts in the game
– Touch the icon of the other players on the lower screen to see exactly where they are
– Use emoticon-style icons to communicate and cheer on your friends.
– In single-player, you can have two AI Links


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