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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call

Square Enix has announced another round of songs for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call. They are as follows:

From Final Fantasy Mystic Quest:

Battle 1 (BMS)
Battle 2 (BMS)

From Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles:

Monsters Dance ~ Rondo ~ (BMS)
Unite Descent (BMS)
This is the End For You!
Sound of the Wind (FMS)
Across the Divide (FMS)
Starry Moonlit Night (EMS)

From Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo’s Dungeon (remixes of other songs):

Dungeon Hero X’s Theme (BMS)
Raffaello Battle (BMS)
Guardian of Darkness 2 (BMS)

From Dissidia: Final Fantasy:

The Troops Advance (BMS)
The Decisive Battle (arrangement from Final Fantasy VI) (BMS)
Dissidia – ending – (BMS)
Dissidia: Final Fantasy (BMS)
Keeping the Peace (FMS)

From Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy:

Cantata Mortis (BMS)
Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy Final Trailer (BMS)
Gate to the Rift (FMS)
Lux Concordiae (EMS)


This week’s Jump has four more character confirmations for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call. Eiko from Final Fantasy IX, Jecht from Final Fantasy X, Fran from Final Fantasy XII, and Noel from Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be included in the game. You can check out a scan showing off the characters above.


Square Enix has confirmed another round of songs for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call – this time pertaining to modern tunes. You can find the big listing below.

Square Enix shared a new round of screenshots and details for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call today. You can find all of the new content below.

– Latest characters featured: Princess Sarah (Final Fantasy I), Minwu (Final Fantasy II), Cid (Final Fantasy III), Kain (Final Fantasy IV), Edge (Final Fantasy IV), Lenna (Final Fantasy V), Galuf (Final Fantasy V), Locke (Final Fantasy VI), Edgar (Final Fantasy VI), Aerith (Final Fantasy VII), Barret (Final Fantasy VII)
– Once again, Knights of the Round can be summoned in battle
– Can cast a summon that has been set to your party leader while advancing through Battle Music Stages
– Pull off a summon to deal massive damage to enemies
– Chocobos can be summoned as well
– “Collectacard Crystalium”: earn cards by clearing songs and participating in versus battles
– Use these cards to power up your characters
– The rarer the cards, the more status upgrades it will provide
– Up to 8 cards per character can be set
– The upgrade will be based on probability
– Depending on the set of cards you use, you might also get different success rates


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