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Tiny Galaxy

A few days ago, news emerged that Arcane Pixel’s Tiny Galaxy is in the works for Wii U. We recently spoke with creator Taylor Hajash to learn more about the game.

Here’s how Hajash describes Tiny Galaxy:

So Tiny Galaxy is a gravity based, atmospheric platformer game for the Wii U system. Rather than utilizing “normal” flat platforms you see in most other platformer game, Tiny Galaxy uses round planets of varying size that you will jump between. Each of these planets has its own gravity field, and as you move between each planet the screen rotates and shifts to keep that camera facing up right. It adds a really awesome look at feel as you run around the planets and jump between them! I have 5 different worlds in the game, a Forrest type world that you see in the screenshots, an Ice type world, a Fruit & Candy world where, instead of planets you play on Fruit and Candy, a Metal planet world and finally is a Dead planet world.

The main objective of the game will be to go through each level collecting 3 objects to open up a warp gate to go to the next level. I didnt really want to have the game to feel to linear, so adding the collectibles through out each stage adds more of a challenge as you have to collect each one to open the warp gate and some of them are hidden behind some really difficult obstacles.

In terms of GamePad functionality, the controller will be used for level select and navigating menus. There will be off-TV play, too. “For me personally, one of my absolutely favorite things about the Wii U console, is being able to play my games while someone is watching TV and not having to argue over who gets to do what, which is why I am incorporating that feature into the game,” Hajash said.

Interestingly, Hajash hopes that Tiny Galaxy will be accessible for disabled gamers and this is something he has spent a lot of time on. Players will be able to use the Wii Remote Plus controller and play the game in a one-handed mode (left or right hand) by using the d-pad and “B” button to move and jump respectively. Hajash is even looking into supporting the Wii Balance Board in hopes of implementing a no-buttons option, “but this has been very difficult and may not make it into the final build.” A future update could be possible if he can’t get it up and running perfectly.

Tiny Galaxy is targeted for early 2015 – perhaps the end of February. Wii U owners can expect a price point in the range of $7.99 to $9.99 for 50-75 levels. Hajash has been “playing the field to see what people would like to pay for the game.”

In the end, Hajash said he wants Tiny Galaxy “to be a fun game that everyone feels like it was a good value and not just something that they’ll play for an hour and finish and never come back to.”

Arcane Pixel has confirmed Tiny Galaxy for the Wii U eShop. The indie title is slated for early 2015.

Arcane Pixel posted the news on Twitter today:

We’ll have lots more on Tiny Galaxy this weekend!