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Toushin Toshi

With the closure of Imageepoch, two of the company’s games have been removed from the 3DS eShop. Super Sonico in Production and Toushin Toshi are no longer available digitally. At least those who purchased them previously can still access these titles from the eShop!

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Toushin Toshi details

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Another round of details have come in for Toushin Toshi. Read on below for the game’s latest information.

– Plumb the depths of hell to advance
– Fight angels sent to protect man from entering such a dangerous place as you seek to enter
– One angel, Label Case, offers you a proposition should you defeat her
– Consumer her special skill or turn the request down
– If Seed (who you’re playing as) accepts, you’ll get a new skill to use in battle
– If Seed declines, you’ll receive several level ups and a host of high-end equipment
– Pullma: magical witch who pulled a fast one at the registration counter as both participant and partner
– In the tournament of Toshin, contestants have to sign up with both themselves and a lady partner, but Pullma escapes that
– Pullma is an amnesiac
– Only remembers that she has to participate in the games
– Japanese princess Shizuka: partner for samurai dude Gaji
– The two are madly in love with each other, and eloped as Gaji had no hope otherwise of marrying her
– Will need to take her out on a date anyway in order to win her affections and earn her special skill
– Will also need to deal with Suzuya, the kunoichi sent after the pair
– Contrary to her looks and training, she apparently is clueless


Beware of a few not-safe-for-work images…


A few more screenshots and details have emerged for Toushin Toshi. For the latest content pertaining to the Japanese game, continue on below.

– Mizuhara Hazuki is the only daughter of the famed Mizuhara dojo
– Mizuhara is storng enough to be its co-instructor next to her dad
– Mizuhara heads for the Toshin tournament alongside Bellnas
– She does so thinking that she’ll be able to marry the love of her life Seed if Bellnas wins
– Her father has secretly decided that the winner of the tournament will be inheriting his dojo, which Bellnas firmly intends to do
– Tournament winner is also lauded as the world’s greatest champion
– Bellnas is a sarcastic, weathered-looking man
– Has a shock of white/pink hair
– Bellnas is always ready with a snide word
– Manage to back it up by being main character Seed’s primary rival at the dojo they’ve trained at
– Seed’s not willing to lose Hazuki to him
– He therefore sets off to join the Toshin tournament himself
– Seluna is a mentor elder sister figure of sorts
– She’s the one who’s willing to be Seed’s partner when he signs up for the Toshin tournament
– Tournament players have to have a woman as their partner
– Seluna wants to help Seed grow both mentally and physically
– Has a passing resemblance to Hazuki