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Tribute Games

You may recall that we put up a post last week regarding Mercenary Kings on NX. In a Twitter interaction with a fan, Tribute Games showed some interest in making that happen.

Tribute Games co-founder Jean-Francois Major saw our post, and actually brought up another possibility. He told us that if the studio can be in a position to have a game out for NX at launch, the team will port over Flinthook.

We followed up with Major within the past few days, who said he and Tribute Games “still stand by our dreams of making games for Nintendo consoles.” That being said, it’s tough for them to commit to NX since such little information is floating around at the moment. However, he reiterated, “given the chance to release a NX launch title, I think we would jump at the occasion.”

Major added that, regarding Flinthook, Tribute Games is “still trying to figure out where the title will end up,” and nothing is set in stone. The team is “still shopping around for the best partner for the game.”