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Eldest Souls physical

Limited Run Games will soon be offering a physical version of Eldest Souls on Switch, the company has announced. Only a standard version is planned – there are no special editions.

Eldest Souls was announced in March 2020 and made its debut on Switch last July. Up until now, the game has only been sold digitally on the eShop.

Eldest Souls Depths of the Forgotten

Many months after its initial launch, Eldest Souls has just gained new content in the form of its Depths of the Forgotten expansion. It’s out now for all players on Switch. Simply install the latest update, version 1.1.23, to access the DLC.

Depths of the Forgotten includes a new and perilous region, three new bosses, a selection of special weapons, and an all-new, obliterating ability. You can find a further breakdown of what’s new below.

Tails of Iron Bloody Whiskers

A major update has been revealed for Tails of Iron with the game getting “Bloody Whiskers” DLC today. Switch players can get their hands on the content at no extra cost.

The update features a new post-game questline, two additional difficulty modes, five new bosses, a selection of special armors and weapons, “and a secret that was perhaps better left forgotten”. Here’s a brief overview of the added story:

Tails of Iron gameplay

Gameplay has come in for Tails of Iron, a hand-drawn RPG adventure title. It provides a good look at the new title from publisher United Label and developer Odd Bug Studio.

For those that missed our previous coverage, check out the following overview for Tails of Iron:

Tails of Iron trailer

Tails of Iron, a hand-drawn RPG adventure with difficult combat, has received a new trailer to celebrate its launch. Publisher United Label and developer Odd Bug Studio brought the title to Switch to close out the week.

Here’s some information about the game:

Tails of Iron

Tails of Iron won’t be digital-only – a physical release is confirmed to be happening as well.

Retailers have started adding in listings for the boxed version of Tails of Iron. It’ll be the “Crimson Knight Edition”, which features extra content. Players will receive three skins each for armor, weapons, shield, and helmets.

Tails of Iron is due out for Switch on September 17. Pre-orders for the physical release are up on AmazonBest Buy, and GameStop.

Tails of Iron trailer

In celebration of Gamescom 2021, publisher United Label and developer Odd Bug Studio have readied a new trailer for Tails of Iron.

Here’s some information about the upcoming hand-drawn RPG adventure game:

Roki physical

Super Rare Games, in partnership with United Label and Polygon Treehouse, is planning a physical release of Roki. 4,000 units will be up for grabs.

Each copy contains all the current content on its cart, a full-color manual, interior artwork, an exclusive sticker, and three trading cards randomly selected from the five-card set.

You can pre-order the physical version of Roki starting on August 26 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM in the UK / 7 PM in Europe. It’ll be up on Super Rare Games’ website here.

Source: Super Rare Games PR

Tails of Iron

United Label and Odd Bug Studio have prepared a new gameplay trailer for Tails of Iron, their upcoming hand-drawn RPG adventure game. We’ve included it below.

Tails of Iron launches for Switch on September 17. For more on the game, head on over here.

Eldest Souls

A couple of new videos have come in for Eldest Souls. In addition to the official launch trailer, we also have gameplay from the Switch version.

Here’s the full roundup:

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