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GungHo has readied a trailer to show off the new Metaverse Update in Volta-X, which is highlighted by a brand new Metaverse Mode, new Voltas, and new weapons. Watch the video below.

Volta-X’s Metaverse Update is now live on Switch. For additional information regarding what’s included, head on over here.

GungHo has announced a major Metaverse Update for its strategy game Volta-X. It’ll come with a Metaverse Mode, new Voltas, new weapons, and more.

Below are some additional details regarding what’s included:

GungHo Online Entertainment America is launching a crossover today for its real-time strategy RPG Volta-X with Playtonic Games’ Yooka-Laylee. It introduces the playable crewmate, Yooka (with sidekick Laylee on his back) and a new story mission. The collaboration goes live today as part of a free update with other content as well.

Here’s the full rundown:

GungHo Online Entertainment America today announced that a crossover collaboration with Playtonic Games’ Yooka-Laylee is on the way to the real-time strategy RPG Volta-X. It’ll arrive in November.

The Yooka-Laylee collaboration will include an original story mission and unique abilities. Yooka can use “Slurp State” to take on any environmental effects in a room and imbue his next attacks with that effect. Additional information about the collaboration will be provided later.

There’s also a new update for Volta-X going live today. Here’s what it includes:

Gung-Ho Online Entertainment’s upcoming real-time strategy game Volta-X launches today. Check out some gameplay below.

Volta-X is available today on the Switch eShop.

GungHo has shared the third developer diary for Volta-X. Below, senior gameplay engineer Thomas Lu and senior animator Cristian Thompson offer up a deep dive into the core gameplay, including the battle system.

Previous developer diaries can be found here and here. Volta-X launches for Switch on August 12.

GungHo has published the second developer diary for Volta-X. In the video below, associate producer Sydney Olmon discusses the game’s characters and the progression system that will turn them into elite pilots in the World Volta Association.

The first Volta-X developer diary can be found here. You’ll be able to pick up the game on August 12.

GungHo Online Entertainment America has set a release date for the real-time strategy giant robot battler Volta-X. It will launch on August 12 via the eShop, the company has announced.

Here’s some information about Volta-X as well as the game’s launch trailer:

The real-time robot strategy battler Volta-X will feature-cross-play between Switch and PC, GungHo Online Entertainment America has announced. Players on the two platforms will be able to team up and form clans or battle each other online.

A new webcomic has also been released, accessible here. GungHo says that it “showcases the unique art style of Volta-X and dives into the backstories of two of the game’s main protagonists, Ian and Sheldon. Both are on the verge of graduating from the Volta academy but need to pull off a heist to ‘borrow’ their own giant Volta robot for an upcoming tournament.” More comics will be shared in the future.

Volta-X launches on Switch later this summer.

Volta X footage

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During the New Game+ Expo broadcast, GungHo America showed off their upcoming Switch action game Volta X. We have the recording with footage below.

Volta X arrives on Switch this summer via the eShop.