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Vostok Inc.

Vostok Inc. footage

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Vostok Inc. is one of many new games available on the Switch eShop today. Have a look at some footage below.

Vostok Inc., which launches on Switch today, has received an official launch trailer. We have the video included below.

Update: Here’s a new trailer:

Original: Another Switch game has secured its launch on the eShop in December. Over on the official Twitter account, it’s been announced that Vostok Inc. will be available on December 7.

Nosebleed Interactive shared the news with the following tweet:

Vostok Inc. will cost $14.99 on Switch.


Wired Productions has announced that the Switch version of Vostok Inc. will be receiving exclusive content. In the shooter coming to Switch, players will be able to explore Pluto.

Here’s the announcement video:

Vostok Inc. is planned for Switch sometime this holiday.

A Switch version of Vostok Inc. was first made known last week. Wired Productions made it official today, confirming a release for this holiday.

Here’s a handy overview of Vostok Inc., which also outlines the various features:

Eurogamer has confirmed in an interview with Andreas Firnigl, boss of developer Nosebleed Interactive, that Vostok Inc. will be released on the Switch. No date has been confirmed, but Firnigl hopes it will be out soon, with a cost around £11.99. There will also be a bonus New Game+ option on the Nintendo console.

Firnigl said that he wanted to ensure a Switch version because it was “a perfect thing.”

He added:

On Switch you can sit for five minutes on the bus playing it, or I can sit watching the TV and my daughter will come in and want to watch Netflix so I can take the Switch out and play actively, or put it down. It just feels like the perfect fit.

Watch the launch trailer for the PS4 version below: