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World Conqueror X

Circle Entertainment and EasyTech have announced a free Cold War expansion for World Conqueror X.

On May 10, an update will be going live with the new content. Players will be able to experience the Cold War campaign in Scenario Mode, featuring six missions on each side (NATO and WTO) for a total of twelve new levels. It will also be possible to start “Conquest Mode” from 1950, adding an alternative experience when seeking military and economic dominance.

To celebrate the release of World Conqueror X on the Switch eShop tomorrow, Circle Entertainment has produced a new launch trailer. You can watch it below.

World Conqueror X is set to debut on the Switch eShop this coming week. For a look at the game in action, view the video below.

Circle Entertainment posted a teaser trailer for World Conqueror X, the new entry in the war strategy series releasing on Switch. Watch it below.

Also worth mentioning, pre-orders for World Conqueror X are officially live on the eShop. The game costs $9.99 / €9.99 / £8.99, but pre-loading comes with a 10% discount.

Circle Entertainment is slowly sharing information about the new turn-based strategy game for Switch, World Conqueror X. Following the initial announcement last week, we now know that it’s planned for early March.

Circle tweeted out yesterday:


The 3DS has been home to a number of “Conqueror” games over the years. Now in collaboration with Easytech Game, Circle Entertainment is putting World Conqueror X on Switch.

Unfortunately, Circle isn’t sharing information just yet. The company will be providing “more details in the coming weeks.”

Currently we only have this tweet to go by: