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ZombiU 2

In a recent podcast, Unseen64’s Liam Robertson (known for digging up information on canned games) revealed that ZombiU 2 was in development for a short period back in early 2013. A team of roughly 5-10 staffers worked on the project, which never left pre-production. Robertson said that it likely didn’t take long “before Ubisoft put their foot down” and cancelled plans for the game.

Robertson has seen one image from ZombiU 2 that offered a similar aesthetic as its predecessor. That means players would have been exploring a “run-down, zombie apocalypse setting” once again – hardly surprising!

Amazon France recently put up an entry on its website for ZombiU 2. Shortly after Jeuxvideo forum members spotted the listing, it was removed.

ZombiU 2 is rumored to be set in New York. Strangely enough, Bandai Namco is listed as publisher – not Ubisoft. Amazon also includes an October 17, 2015 release date, though that’s likely not final.

Of course, there is most certainly a possibility that Amazon France’s overall listing is inaccurate. The fact that Bandai Namco is listed as publisher raises a red flag. I suppose only time will tell!


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