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Warriors Orochi 4 dev says Nintendo character was considered, Xeno and Ys Warriors have “potential”

Posted on October 20, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

Koei Tecmo has extensive experience working with Nintendo characters when it comes to its Warriors games. Both Zelda and Fire Emblem received their own games. Producer Masaki Furusawa says Nintendo representation was considered for Warriors Orochi 4, but ultimately decided against doing so.

Furusawa explained:

“Yes, we thought about it. However, as we focused on delving deeply into the DW and SW cast, including an ‘incomplete’ cast of these other games would be disrespectful towards the fans, so we decided not to do so.”

Furusawa also spoke about other franchises getting the Warriors treatment – specifically Xeno and Ys. Speaking about the possibility of something along those lines, he said:

“Again, as a personal opinion, I think that there would be potential for the ‘Ys’ and ‘Xeno’ series to be adapted, because, just as you mentioned, they feature characters having a strong impact, and would therefore, meld well with the Warriors series.”

Another one of Koei Tecmo’s IPs, Nights of Azure, is probably unlikely to get the Warriors treatment:

“As for ‘Nights of Azure’, it is an in-house IP, meaning it would be very simple to get this project on track if such a plan was to be adopted. However, as ‘Nights of Azure’ already has a high level of action, I think that its evolution from there may be different than adapting it into a Warriors title.”


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